AirComfort Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

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What is an AirComfort Cloud Sheet? It only works with a BedJet.

The patented BedJet AirComfort Cloud Sheet heating and cooling sheet is a performance engineered, luxuriously soft, 100% cotton temperature layer with specially designed hollow interior flow cavities which the BedJet Air Nozzle plugs in, gently distributing warming or cooling air into the bed. The Cloud Sheet enables the most even distribution of BedJet air in the bed and significantly improves cooling performance of the BedJet.  It has the feel and quality of 5-star hotel grade bed linens.  

With a BedJet powered on, the performance engineered Cloud Sheet looks wonderfully puffy, soft and down filled.  But it’s actually only filled with the conditioned air from the BedJet, making it one of the softest, lightest and coziest temperature control blankets ever made!  With the BedJet air off, the Cloud Sheet deflates to look just like a high quality top sheet.  

The Cloud Sheet replaces your normal bedding top sheet and works underneath blankets, quilts, or regular comforters.  Unlike electric blankets, the Cloud Sheet is just pure, soft cotton and like any top sheet, can be washed over and over again. It is the world's first warming AND cooling blanket for your bed.  

AirComfort Cloud Sheet BUYING GUIDE - Single Zone vs. Dual Zone

The Single Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet works with just one BedJet.  It will cool or heat the entire bed to the same temperature (or area under the Cloud Sheet if a Twin XL is used on a King for example).  Buy this if you sleep alone, or if you are a couple who enjoys the same sleep temperature needs.

The Dual Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet's interior flow cavities are split into two halves, one for each side of the bed and each half accepting its own BedJet Air Nozzle.  The Dual Zone Cloud Sheet can be used with either one or two BedJet base units.  

Combine the Dual Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet with just one BedJet to cool and heat just your half of the bed.  The side without the BedJet installed will remain un-puffed and look just like a normal top sheet!  Buy this setup if you are a couple and you are the only one needing cooling/heating and want to leave your partner undisturbed.    

Combining the Dual Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet with two BedJet machines provides independent dual zone temperature control to each side of the bed.  Each person gets their own remote control and half the bed can be crisply cooled while the other half is tropical warm! This setup is known as our Dual Zone BedJet bundle -- buy as a bundle and save!      

Get your AirComfort  Cloud Sheet today and experience the very best in temperature regulating sheets! 

Note: Any Dual Zone BedJet bundle comes with one AirComfort Cloud Sheet included, so order here only if you want extras. 

Dimension Guide

Our AirComfort Cloud sheets are used in your bed just like a top sheet, so they are sized to overhang the sides of your bed like typical top sheets (ie, much larger than "comforters"):

  • Twin XL:  67" x 96" 
  • Full/Queen: 92" x 96" 
  • King/California King:  108" x 96" 

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