1. V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for Couples - Queen Size Bed, Dual Zone - $799

V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for Couples

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Some like it hot. Some need it cool. Some want to stop night sweats and others need different sleep temperatures than their partners. That's why everyone loves their BedJet! 

Using advanced technology the BedJet sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into your bed for powerful cooling and warming comfort.  Our Dual Zone bundle provides independent cooling and warming to each half of the bed with two BedJet machines and our AirComfort Cloud Sheet.  Stop fighting over the thermostat with your partner and start sleeping better together!   

The BedJet V2 Dual Zone uses sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology to help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed. Program custom heating/cooling profiles for every hour of the night and obsolete your noisy alarm clock with a BedJet V2 temperature wake-up setting.

Find out why BedJet is #1 customer recommended cooling and heating product for a bed in America.  Read the life changing verified customer reviews at our Amazon page and then buy manufacturer direct here to get BedJet's superior 60 day return guarantee with fast free shipping and free returns:  READ REVIEWS HERE.

  • BedJet cooling is awesome relief for stuffy bedrooms, hot sleepers, night sweats and hot flashes. Cooling mode power ventilates your bed, using room temperature air to wick out body heat and body moisture nearly instantly, is felt within 10 seconds. NOTE: BedJet is not an air conditioner and not a substitute for zero air conditioning in extreme heat (80 degree+) bedrooms. Room temp needs to be below 79 degrees for best cooling.

  • Night sweat management mode is proven to reduce body moisture to keep you dry and comfortable

  • Powerful air warming makes cold feet a thing of the past. Forget bundling up with heavy pajamas for chilly winter beds and give your bedding that toasty hot sauna feeling in just seconds!

  • New BedJet V2 model includes essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. Enjoy the therapeutic soothing effects of scented aromatherapy and freshen your sheets when running the BedJet.

  • Save money on utilities -- why heat and cool the whole house vs. just your bed? 

  • No wires, no tubes, no electricity in the bed and no mattress pads to sleep on top of, no water to leak, lifetime washable air filter 

  • Fits underneath any bed with 7" space underneath, side rail clearance only needs to be 3.5", adjustable bed approved 

  • 60-day love it or return it guarantee, free return shipping (USA), fast 100% refunds with no restocking fees

Buy now and find your own perfect sleep temperature.  Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed with BedJet temperature control.    

What's included in Dual Zone bundle: 2 BedJet V2 single zone units with attachment assembly to bed, 2 wireless remote controls and one AirComfort Cloud Sheet (select King or Queen), FREE Bluetooth App from App store. BedJet is ETL listed to UL Electric Appliance Safety Standards. **Vertical mount bracket from photos sold separately, shown for display purposes only. Android app fully published on Google Play, iOS App fully published on iTunes store

FREE SHIPPING for continental united states IN STOCK NOW

2 year limited warranty

Watch the Installation Video HERE

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Jeff A.
United States United States

Dual zone bed jet

Sleeping through the night and not having to use as much AC.

Heidi F.
United States United States

Best sleep in years.

Used a BedJet on vacation and come home an ordered the dual system . Best decision ever!!

Jack P.
United States United States

Like it a lot. Looking forward to minor app improvements

The product itself so far is great. We like being able to set separate temps for the two different sides of the bed. And there is nothing quite like getting into a bed already toasty and warm. The minor improvement to the app we'd love to see is having the connection stay intact. As it stands, the app reconnects each time it is opened/closed. It's an admittedly small inconvenience, but it would be AMAZING if I could open the app and make the adjustments I want without having to wait the 3-5 seconds for the connection to be re-established.

Silvio P.
United States United States

Inadequate Remote Control

The BedJet works as advertised. However, the fact that you need to use 3rd party hardware (phone, tablet, etc.) to achieve full control is ridiculous. We would have returned products but have been assured a better, full functioning remote is in the works. Until that becomes available, I cannot recommend.

Geoffrey s.
United States United States

Love it!

Living in Az. the heat at this time is exceptional and the cooling feature is great. In winter using a tablet I set it up at 92 degrees all night for my cold feet.

karen s.
United States United States

Duo Zone Bed Jet

We are crazy about the Bed Jet, there are no more AC or Ceiling fan wars anymore. I'm happy to have purchased this.

Laurie R.
United States United States

V2 dual zone climate comfort system

We are having problems finding a comfortable range to set this temperature. The temperature of the unit has been too cold for my husband and I. We have yet to find a range where we are not frozen at night.

Connie W.
United States United States

The Amazing Bedjet

I have only one word for this product, AMAZING!!! Every since I’ve been using this product my sleepless nights are a thing of the past.. I’m the type of gal where my feet have to be warm in order to sleep and trust me this baby does the job. For those of you who are on the fence about this product, Buy it!!!

Timothy N.
United States United States

Great improvement to sleep

I got the dual zone system. My wife decided she didn't need it for her side, so I returned that unit (fantastic customer service). I have used my unit for about a month now and my sleep quality has improved greatly. I got the cloud sheet, which I definitely recommend to maximize the effectiveness of the system. It does take some time to figure out what settings work best for you, so be patient. The app is ideal for controlling the BedJet. For me, having it run on the cooling setting at 50% for the first four hours, then 30% for the rest of the night works well for me (I tended to get cold at 50% for the full night as the room cooled down overnight). On colder days, I adjust the percentages down 5-10%. I highly recommend this if you have issues with sleeping warm/cold!

Barry W.
United States United States

Great device

I would have to say I love the bed jet . Had helped me sleep through the warmer nights with out my AC on blast waiting my electric bill and being overly cold ! I also had surgery about 6 months ago on my Left knee due to a meniscus tear . I used to wake up every night from the warm air under the blanket causing my knee to experience inflammation . But thanks to bed jet I have not had to experience that feeling again . The only negative part to bed jet is the bulky air supply machine . Not all beds like my frame allow it to sit underneath, so it sits on the floor in the front side of the bed , if you wake up and forget it’s there could cause you some foot pain .

Barry W. verified customer review of V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for Couples
A BedJet  Customer
Dan L.
United States United States

Not Ready for Prime Time...Needs Refinement...

The V2 worked ok, but the remote buttons were mushy. There is little feedback on the remote. The beep does not always beep. This product is a good idea and it does work, but its not worth $700+ yet…I’d keep it if it cost $200, but not $700…the value and quality is just not there yet. But I am open to a future version and not the V3…I will wait for the V5, as I think its idea is good.

Steve B.
United States United States

Neat product, not so user friendly

The unit itself does a great job of heating and cooling the bed. I really like it because I DON'T like the feeling of the weight of the blanket and the air cushion holds the weight up. My wife, on the other hand, has fibromyalgia and the weight makes her feel better. Also, the complexity of the app and inadequacy of the remote have left her not using it and hers will probably be returned. There are some neat features in the app, like being able to set a different temp & airflow for different times during the night, but overall it seems too complicated. For one, having to wait for the app to connect each time you would like to start, stop, or adjust the thing is just plain annoying. It would be nice to have a bedside control with 2 knobs on it. One to adjust the temp, 1 to adjust the airflow. Turn the knob, get the result. Wake up in the middle of the night too hot or too cold, give the knob a turn, roll over, go back to sleep. You should literally be able to do it with your eyes closed. If you wanted to be fancy you could have the machine 'learn' from those adjustments and make them automatically.

Terry P.
United States United States

No words describe the difference BedJet has made for us

In 4 days from now we'll have been married 9 years, and we've rarely gotten good sleep. One is sweating while the other one is snoring, both tossing and turning. At least 1 to 2 nights a week one of us is sleeping on the couch just to try to let the other one get better sleep. We don't know how to describe how much of a difference having BedJets has made for us. Not a single night in the past 3 weeks of having our BedJets has either of us woken with night sweats, woken the other from snoring, or had problems tossing and turning. No more couch sleeping. Over time we've tried new mattresses to no avail. Ceiling fan on low, high, or off; white noise machines, etc. Nothing made a difference except for our BedJets. We love it. I told my wife I almost want to buy another to keep in a suitcase for vacations.

Terry P. verified customer review of V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for Couples
Charla M.
United States United States


My husband had to work on convincing me this System was worth the cost. Well don’t tell him but he was right!!! Now I’m concerned if I’ll be able to sleep without it when visiting or traveling. I needed the cooling desperately, he needs heat - this WORKS! I was so skeptical of the technology and potential noise and not having my high end sheets for the top sheet against my body - but nothing of these issues exist. Your sheet is so unbelievably comfortable and feels so good on my skin - really can’t say enough good things about the V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System and you couldn’t pay me enough to give it up!

Kerri R.
United States United States

Love It

We love the BedJet! We aren't waking up because we are hot and sweaty. It has improved our quality of life.

Elesha P.
United States United States

Love it

My fiancé and I have different sleeping needs from bed firmness to temperature. He loves having his side super cool and sometimes I need heat to sleep while others coolness. The dual bedjet gives us both the comfort we need to get a good night’s sleep without disrupting the other. Great product!!