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Extended Warranty

25 reviews
$ 99

BedJet 4-Year Extended Warranty FAQ

Our comprehensive bumper-to-bumper BedJet owner's warranty protects new and refurbished BedJet units purchased from an authorized BedJet retail site.

The Warranty covers your BedJet unit itself as well as all accessory parts included in the box (remote, hose, mattress paddle, extender clips, etc.). A standard 2-Year Warranty is included with your purchase. Purchase a 4-Year Extended Warranty to double your length of coverage to four years!

Q: Is my BedJet eligible for an Extended Warranty add-on?
A: Units older than one year are not eligible for an Extended Warranty add-on. Units must be purchased from an authorized retail site and warranty is applicable to first owner only. Please contact us for more information or to verify your purchase eligibility.

Q: When does Warranty coverage begin?
A: Warranty coverage starts on the day your BedJet is delivered.

Q: What if I break a part? What if my dog eats the remote control? 
A: No worries, we got you covered!  Within your applicable Warranty period we will replace anything required to keep your BedJet running smoothly at absolutely no cost to you. This includes shipping (US only), whether the issue is your fault or ours. Outside of your Warranty period we do offer low cost replacement parts. Please contact us for assistance.

Q: What if I bought my BedJet from another website?
A: The BedJet standard 2-Year Warranty and 4-Year Extended Warranty apply only to orders placed through authorized retail sites, and applies to first owner only. Please contact us for assistance in verifying your purchase.

Q: What is the difference between the $99 Extended Warranty and the $198 Extended Warranty?
A: The $99 4-Year Extended Warranty covers a single BedJet for four years from date of delivery. The $198 4-Year Extended Warranty is for Dual Zone System owners and covers the two BedJets included in the Dual Zone bundle for four years from date of delivery.

Q: Does the Extended Warranty cover Cloud Sheets?
A: No, the 4-Year Extended Warranty does not protect Cloud Sheets. Everyone washes their sheets differently, so they are considered a "wear and tear" item and do not fall under Extended Warranty coverage.

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Dustin L.
United States United States
Best decision ever

best nights sleep in the summer amazing

Charles S.
United States United States

I love it. Works absolutely great

Michael H.
United States United States
Its awesome

Its better than advertised, not only that the cust service is friendly n very helpful, i am a doctor of alternative/holistic/oriental medicine and i will be recommending it to all my patients. Congrats Bedjet you have a winner!!!

Cathie J.
United States United States

Sleeping is so much better!

Glenn M.
United States United States
Great night sleep

The evenings are hot here in Texas and BedJet makes going to sleep so much more pleasant.

Alex R.
United States United States
I like it

Keeps my feet warm when I need it and my body dry when it is hot. I like it.

Allan K.
United States United States
Bedjet 3 review

Love the product. The motion sensor in the remote with the back light is brilliant. Now, replace the ****** phone app for it. Don't try and fix it, replace it. It has SERIOUS connection issues with the machine. And when you do replace it, simplify the app so you can program it by the hour. I.E. 9-11 do this, 11-4 do this, 4-8 do this, to allow for customization, you get the idea. The idea behind it is so you can do a gradual morning warm up to help with waking up without needing a computer degree.

Julie C.
United States United States

Best purchase I've ever made in my adult life! Why did I wait so long to buy this thing! I'm not sweating anymore and actually getting a good night's sleep feeling amazing the next day and getting so much done! NOW I'M WORRIED ABOUT WHEN I TRAVEL HOW CAN I TAKE IT!

Whitney N.
United States United States
Best Sleep Ever

Wish we could have gotten the dual zone bed jet sooner! I am getting the best sleep ever!

Alan F.
United States United States
A great sleep

Straightforward setup. Firmware updates can be a bit wonky and may require several attempts. Great sleep experience.

andrew b.
United States United States
Great product

It worked fine and keeps us cool all night long

Paul I.
United States United States
Best Night Sleep Ever

Once we received it and set it up and after trying it for the first night well fell in love it with. Its nice to be able to keep the house at 77 degrees instead of 74 and use the ceiling fan less. We each have our own settings for the bed jet I like it cool and the other half likes it hot and with the cloud sheet it works so well keeping us at our temperatures.

Katherine N.
United States United States
BedJet Review

I haven’t woken up hot and grouchy in weeks - this is the beat thing ever. It’s even small enough I fully plan to pack it in my suitcase when I travel .

Jermaine L.
United States United States
Bedjet 3

I love the bedjet 3 it been 2 weeks since I purchased and haven't sweated one time since. If I woke up in the middle of the night. I have to sleep on the other side of the bed.

Mason M.
United States United States
Keeps me cool and comfortable

I was really hesitant to buy it because it doesn’t say really if it actually cools or not but I’ve noticed a difference. Obviously it won’t replace a A/C unit but my bed is always 5-7 degrees cooler than the rest of the house

Nicole J.
United States United States
BedJet Purchase

I have been enjoying my new BedJet for about three weeks now. It is wonderful. It keeps the heat down under your top sheet very well and I no longer sweat at night. I am waking up less often during the night, so my sleep quality has improved. The set-up is easy and the remote is very helpful in controlling it. It really works!