How BedJet Creates Dual Temperature Zones in Beds

Sharing a bed brings couples closer together. But with over 50% of couples having different sleep temperature needs, it can be a challenge when each partner wants their own ideal sleep temperature.  

When one temperature is comfortable to one partner, it may be unbearable to the other – resulting in loss of sleep, a strain on your relationship, or in the worst of cases sleep divorce (sleeping in separate beds).  When your partner isn’t sleeping well, chances are you aren't either.

BedJet has the ideal solution for you and your partner to each achieve your own ideal body temperature during sleep. With BedJet’s dual temp zoned sleep technology, sleep temperature regulation has never been easier for couples!

How to Sleep Better With a Partner: Bed Heating & Cooling Technology

The BedJet Dual Zone system creates independent cooling and heating zones for each half of the bed.  Each partner gets their own remote control for their half of the bed.  You can have half the bed cooled and crisp while the other half is tropical warm and toasty.  

The Dual Zone setup is a bundle of two BedJet machines combined with our super soft Dual Zone AirComforter sheet. The AirComforter replaces your regular top sheet to work its magic underneath quilts, blankets, or regular comforters.

If you are the only one needing temperature control and you want to leave your partner undisturbed with your heating and cooling shenanigans, then combine a single BedJet with the Dual Zone AirComforter to cool and heat just your half of the bed.      

Stop battling over the thermostat and start sleeping better together.  Try a Dual Zone BedJet system today!