Why Wait?
Sleep Better Now,
Pay Later!

Why Wait?
Sleep Better Now,
Pay Later!

Placing BedJet Group Orders

We’re happy to accommodate orders of large quantities of BedJets for sports teams, hotels, sleep centers and other organizations. If you’d like to place a bulk order of 10 or more BedJets for your organization, we offer special discounted pricing. We currently work with:

Sports Teams

Sports Agencies

Hotels & Resorts

Sleep Centers

Gyms & Wellness Studios

Employee Incentive Programs

& more!

If you’re interested in placing a bulk order of 10+ BedJets, please email us at info@bedjet.com or call (401) 404–5250 to discuss special group rate pricing.

All bulk orders are Final Sale and NOT covered under our 60-Day Return Period.

Our newest and most feature-rich BedJet. The same powerful cooling and warming as our V2, fully re-engineered into a 30% smaller and sleeker package, with the most advanced color screen remote control in the sleep industry.

Fighting over the thermostat with your partner? The BedJet 3 Dual Zone Bundle lets each of you sleep at your dream temperature. Get half the bed cool like Alaska, and the other half warm like Hawaii!

Want the very best night's sleep possible with BedJet? The optional Cloud Sheet enables the most even air distribution throughout your bed and significantly improves cooling performance of the BedJet. Single Zone and Dual Zone versions available.

For more information on bulk orders of 10+ BedJet units, call (401) 404–5250 or email info@bedjet.com.