The Undercover Bed Fan that Cuts Home Energy Costs

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If you're a naturally hot sleeper, falling and staying asleep at night can be especially tough during the summer months. High energy bills from running the A/C all night add up fast, and if you're eco-conscious to boot, you might not feel great about the amount of energy being used in your home.

Many BedJet owners have found that, after installing their BedJet, they can reduce their home energy use*. In fact, many BedJetters save on their energy bills each month. Why heat or cool the entire home when, for those 8 hours, the only temperature that matters is the temperature in the bed? The BedJet has enabled owners to turn their thermostat up by multiple degrees and still remain comfortably cool during the night. This is possible because BedJet is extremely effective for keeping you cool in bed if you bedroom is 78°F or cooler*.

Most air conditioned rooms are kept at under 70°F in order to achieve a cool night’s rest, yet BedJet eliminates the need to blast the A/C at such cool temperatures. BedJet uses the cooler air from the floor of your room which is typically a few degrees cooler than the temperature reading on your thermostat. The BedJet convective air circulation quickly gets body heat and body moisture out of your bed. These extra few degrees that you save when supplementing your air conditioning with BedJet can result in significant energy savings during the summer months. Each BedJet unit only draws up to 40 watts. One BedJetter, Josh Yelen, was able to cut his energy costs by 13%, saving almost $450 in energy costs while still keeping cool! Check out his video below.

Josh is not the only BedJetter that has been able to see energy savings since implementing BedJet, either. Check out the reviews below from some of the many BedJet owners that have been able to sleep cool even with a higher reading on the thermostat:

★★★★★  | Josh Yelen

"Why I love My BedJet"

★★★★★  | Robin H.

“I can not say enough about this product! I had not been sleeping well for six months because of night sweats. I have had peaceful sleep since I have set it up! I have even been able to turn my thermostat up in my house. I know I will have to see a difference in my electric bill! The BedJet is pure heaven.”

★★★★★  | daisycortlandt

“Really pleased with the service I received and I am sleeping so much more comfortably now and not waking up hot in the middle of the night. Bonus, I'm saving a significant amount of money on my electric bill by keeping the a/c thermostat at 76 degrees during the night instead of my previous 70. Thumbs up!”

★★★★★  | Norman K.

“I don’t sweat anymore while sleeping. The ventilation makes a huge difference. I’ve actually been able to set the house thermostat 2 degrees higher than before the BedJet. It really does make a difference.”

*The BedJet is not a portable air conditioner and not a replacement for zero air conditioning in super hot bedrooms (like a 90 degree Arizona summer bedroom with no AC).

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How did I live without this?

I have watched my wife suffer with menopause hot flashes for years. Finally I started looking at what I could buy to help her at night. This system is so awesome I am going to order one for my side of the bed. Works great on cool and now that we are in winter the warming is also incredible!
Barry | Nov 19, 2017
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