Managing Excessive Body Heat at Night

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One of the most common disruptions to sleep is temperature. Sleeping too hot and sweating in bed can be a major disturbance to sleep and can prevent you from getting the quality rest and recovery needed for a productive day. As sleep research progresses, researchers are finding more and more links between the optimal sleeping temperature and the optimal night’s rest. What are some ways you can manage excessive body heat at night so that you can sleep soundly? Read on to find out!

First, let’s discuss how our internal temperature is managed. The part of the brain responsible for regulating our internal body temperature is the hypothalamus. However, when we drift into REM sleep, the phase of sleep that is more restorative, the hypothalamus takes this time to restore as well. This leaves us with little ability to control our internal body temperature. However, not all hope is lost for you hot sleepers out there! If you're sweating at night while sleeping, there are several steps you can take to keep body heat at bay and get the cooler, more comfortable rest that you need.

1. Keep the bedroom cool.
This may seem to go without saying, but science seems to prove that bedrooms with temperature readings in the mid-60s degrees Fahrenheit is where you will find the best temperature for sleep and the ideal temperature for keeping the body cooler at night. Whether it be keeping the window open, running an A/C or fan, running your BedJet bed cooling system, or some combination of these things, keeping the air around you cooler will help you catch more restorative, uninterrupted Z’s.

2. Sleep in breathable bedding.
Although some might find a 60-something degree room to be slightly on the colder side, piling on heavy blankets will only have adverse effects. Additionally, synthetic fibers tend to be much less breathable than natural fibers. It is recommended to sleep with bedding made from cotton or linen to avoid trapping excess heat and moisture and driving up the temperature in the bed. Not only should cooling sheets be made of natural, breathable fibers, but also the clothes that you wear to bed should be too.

3. Steer clear of body-conforming mattresses that can cause sweating while sleeping.
Many mattress-in-a-box brands claim they make a "temperate control mattress", but mattresses made of memory foam, mixed foam, or any material that might conform to you body are less than ideal for cool sleeping temperatures as they tend to trap heat between you and your mattress. With memory foam, it's difficult for warm air to be released from the bed itself. So, while you may find a cool memory foam mattress brand while you're shopping online, you likely won't find one that you'll actually sleep cool on. For cooler sleep, it is recommended that you opt for a firmer spring mattress, as they have more breathability and won’t trap warm air as much.

4. Workout wisely.
If a workout is a common part of your day, plan the workout according to your sleep schedule. Working out causes our internal temperature to rise. If you’re one to workout at night, try to workout between 5 and 7 p.m. Working out well in advance of your usual bedtime allows the body to properly cool down instead of going to bed and experiencing your body overheating at night. Working out has additional to benefits to sleep temperature, as those who maintain a healthy weight are less likely to struggle with regulating body temperature and sweating in bed.

5. Take a warm bath one hour before bed.
Although this sounds rather counter-intuitive in trying to remain cool at night, taking a warm bath can actually help you to cool down as the water evaporating on the skin can help to lower the internal temperature. Doing this an hour before bed his highly recommended, however, Much like in the case of working out, it is important to allow the body time to cool down before hopping into the sheets.

The BedJet's Role in Managing Excessive Body Heat at Night

Although there are several steps that one can take to help keep cool at night, sleep is a very individual thing, and some of these solutions are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Many people can still find that after implementing several methods to keep cool at night, they are still waking up from being too warm. For many people dealing with sweating in bed and excessive body heat at night, the BedJet has been the solution to their problem.

Many people who suffer from excessive sweating at night discover that BedJet helps prevent them from waking up sweating at night. . BedJet delivers cooling air directly into the bed to help sleepers to achieve their ideal sleeping temperatures and maintain it throughout the night. The BedJet works by using the ambient air close to the floor, which is the coolest in your room, and delivers the air in between the mattress and top sheet to create a temperature-controlled environment within the bed and keep users comfortable, despite any tendencies to sleep hot. From those sleepers who experience hot flashes due to menopause to those who have battled with night sweats for years, many have found BedJet to be the most effective sleeping device in keeping cool and comfortable the whole night through.

The BedJet works because it’s designed to get rid of the main reason you’re feeling hot and stuffy in bed: body heat and moisture. You can sweat up to a liter every night without realizing, and your mattress and blankets trap that heat and moisture in. If you're wondering how to stop night sweats, check out our reviews to find out how many people are using BedJet to prevent overheating at night.

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