How It Works

We started first with some brilliant people

An ex-NASA space suit engineer, a medical device designer, a crack engineering design team and a sleep doctor. This is no simple bedroom fan or electric blanket. It's a bluetooth enabled, microprocessor controlled, air driven climate control machine born just for your bed. Add in acoustic damping technology, a silky inverter drive DC-motor and a custom barium titanate stone heater that operates below the flash point of dust to avoid "heater odor". Wrap it all up in a sexy UL-Listed flameproof skin - the BedJet sits at the wonderful intersection of science, art and safety.

Upgrading your bed to Bed 2.0

The BedJet becomes part of your bed. An extension that seems like it was always supposed to be there. It sleeps quietly under the bed until called on to serve you.... toasty hot or mild warmth. Barely noticeable ventilation or breezy cool. Find what your perfect sleep temperature is, instant and on command. Condition the whole bed or just your side using our AirComfort Cloud Sheet, you can have it either way.

It works with your bedding

Use quality 250 thread count top sheets for best results to help guide the air through the bed. Or plug the air delivery into our super soft 100% cotton AirComfort Cloud Sheet for even better performance plus dual zone capability.

Enjoy the luxury plus better health

The BedJet offers more than the luxury of never waking up too hot or never having to get into a chili bed with cold feet. It's therapeutic relief to those suffering from hot flashes and night sweats. It's instant warmth for those with poor circulation. It's about finding your own perfect sleep temperature on your own side of the bed for couples, and regaining a better, healthier, deeper sleep. We spend 30% of our lives in bed - why settle for anything less than perfect comfort and a great night's sleep?