Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

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  • Get the very best BedJet experience by pairing with a 100% pure and soft cotton Cloud Sheet. Used by over 70% of BedJet owners.
  • Patented double layer sheet construction has special interior air flow chambers. BedJet air flows directly into the air chambers to then gently diffuse onto your body through the sheet.
  • Improves the performance of the BedJet by evenly distributing the cooling and warming air in your bed, eliminates feeling of flowing air.
  • Use just like a regular top sheet. Looks just like a regular top sheet when BedJet is off. As durable and washable as your regular sheets.
  • Woven with super-soft 100% pure cotton (percale and sateen), feels just like high quality 5-star hotel bed linen against your skin.
  • Cloud Sheets are an accessory to the BedJet Climate Comfort System and have no cooling/warming capabilities on their own.
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What is a Cloud Sheet?

The patented BedJet Cloud Sheet is a performance engineered, luxuriously soft, 100% cotton top sheet designed to work in tandem with your BedJet unit. It's sewn with a series of specially designed interior air flow chambers to help evenly diffuse the BedJet air down onto your body. The Cloud Sheet has the quality of 5-star hotel linens and feels wonderful against your skin.

When your BedJet is on, the Cloud Sheet becomes wonderfully puffy and soft, just like your favorite down comforter—but instead of heavy feathers, the Cloud Sheet is filled only with conditioned BedJet air, making it one of the softest, lightest, and coziest temperature control layers ever made! When your BedJet is off, the Cloud Sheet deflates to look just like a regular high-quality top sheet.

How does it work?

The BedJet Air Nozzle plugs directly into the Cloud Sheet, enabling the most even air distribution in the bed and significantly improving the cooling performance of your BedJet. You can plug the Air Nozzle in at the foot of the bed, or at the sides of the bed. Use it just like a regular top sheet, laying it underneath your existing blankets, quilts, or comforters. It is machine washable and durable enough to be washed as frequently as your regular sheets.

Cloud Sheet Buyer's Guide:
Single Zone vs. Dual Zone

The Single Zone Cloud Sheet works with just one BedJet unit. The entire sheet is a single airflow chamber, so the entire bed will be cooled or heated to the same temperature. Buy this if you sleep alone, or if you and your partner have the same sleep temperature needs.

The Dual Zone Cloud Sheet works with either one or two BedJets, as two separate airflow chambers allow each half of the sheet to perform independently:

1 BedJet unit + a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet means air will only flow through one half the bed. The other half will remain unaffected and act as a regular top sheet.

2 BedJet Units + a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet means independent temperature control for each half of the bed. Want one side cooled and the other warmed? You got it!
(Psst... This setup is known as our Dual Zone Bundle. Buy as a bundle and save!)

And don't worry, you can still snuggle with your partner! The only separation created by the Dual Zone Cloud Sheet is inside the sheet itself. There is no barrier between you and your partner!

Single Zone

Dual Zone

Cloud Sheet Dimensions

Our Cloud Sheets are meant to be layered into your bed just like a top sheet—they are sized to overhang the sides of your bed and tuck underneath the mattress just like regular bedding. Although it seems a little counter-intuitive, the Cloud Sheet works best when used underneath heavier bedding like a blanket, quilt, or comforter. This helps the air flow evenly to avoid pockets of cool or warm by your feet.

  • Twin XL: 67" x 96"
  • Full/Queen: 92" x 96"
  • King/California King: 108" x 96"
  • Split King/Adjustable: 2 Twin XLs, 67" x 96" each

BedJet 3 Buyer's Guide

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, we have a customized BedJet sleep solution that can be tailored just for you. We've distilled everything down to a simple buyer's guide to help you create the perfect BedJet setup for your sleep needs. Click the image to enlarge and find your best night's rest.

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Dan S.
United States United States

Poor quality

Poor quality material and missed knots from sewing. Disappointed in the item.



Hi Dan, Thank you for sharing your feedback! Sorry to hear of your experience with the Cloud Sheet, this is absolutely not common. We are more than happy to assist with replacement of the Cloud Sheet without cost if this is a defect or other issue. Please reach out to our team with a photo of the issue to and we will be happy to assist! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

Reed A.
United States United States

Great upgrade

Great upgrade from standard sheets

United States United States

Restricts airflow, too expensive, slips off duct.

Title says it all.



Thank you for sharing your feedback! Although we do find the Cloud Sheet to be the best experience with the BedJet, we do find some owners prefer their own existing bedding. Regarding the Cloud Sheet coming off your air hose, ensure the opening of the sheet is pulled down below the "c" clamp which holds the air hose for the most secure setup. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

Tamara G.
United States United States

Years of enjoyment

I got the bed Jeremy about 3 years ago maybe 4 now. And I also received the sheet at well. Since we have a split king it worked out perfectly. I also love being able to turn it on and be warm asap during the winter months or need to cool down after being outside in the summer months. It gets very hot where I live so this bed jet has been a blessing to me!

United States United States

both units shut off

Is it true that if your power goes off in the house you must get under the bed and pree the on button? I am in Florida and power is always off for a few seconds often

United States United States

We love our cloud sheet

We have had a BedJet and cloud sheet for five years. We just purchased a new cloud sheet as a replacement. The BedJet and cloud sheet have been among the best purchases we have ever made. We used to keep the house very cold just to find ourselves sweating at night. Since the BedJet and cloud cheap, our sleep has improved, and we couldn’t be happier!

Eugene L.
United States United States

Bed Jet Sheets

Top quality, fit great, feel great, I bought 2!

John M.
Australia Australia

Love it!

When my GF comes over it's like sleeping next to an oven, so the bedjet blasts the hot air away and I can actually sleep straight without waking up from the heat. Which means we don't have to sleep in different beds or break up. Woohoo! However it would be great to have some sort of info sheet of different settings/pre-sets for different purposes. I want to get more out of my bedjet but it would be great to have more ideas on how to use it. Otherwise, good stuff!

Steve N.
United States United States

its been a month and i dont have the order yet...

I already have a sheet it works great butj ust contact you guys becasue i never received the one i ordered about 3-4 weeks ago.. you are supposedly sending me a replacement order.



Hi Steve, Thank you for sharing your feedback! We do apologize for the shipping delay, unfortunately carriers may lose an item in transit on occasion. We can confirm as discussed the replacement was shipped and is being delivered via express service today (Wednesday 4/20). Please reach out with any additional questions or concerns! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

United States United States

Best sheet ever

Perfect answer for the bed jet air system! They wash so well and are beautifully made. Thanks, Bed Jet!

Gary M.
United States United States

Last straw

This was what I been looking for years of sweeting after getting electrocuted this was a dream come true finally I can sleep!

Australia Australia

Great Product

My partner is currently going through chemotherapy and was constantly complaining about being cold. Hot water bottles were OK but would only heat up a small part. Upon setting up the BedJet she was instantly warmed, she is super happy with the BedJet. The other thing that she reported was she was finally getting a good nights sleep because the extra warmth lulled her off to a deep sleep and her arthritis wasn't keeping her awake.

Andrew P.
Philippines Philippines

does not cool a bed

I purchased a bed jet v3 expecting it to cool my bed. When I realized it does not really cool in the so called "cool mode" and that it just blows ambient temperature air under the sheets I thought I would try it with the cloud bed sheet to see if that helped it cool. It did help to better circulate the air between the sheets but did not make it any cooler. I find your website and product info misleading because it claims that bed jet cools a bed when it does not and it is just a basic fan with a heater element but no cooling

Dorothy C.
United States United States

Bed jet helps me daily

Fantastic! I had gastric bypass and suffering being freezing cold all of the time. My best way to describe it is I’m standing on a high snow covered mountain top with with the wind blowing. I really am so grateful. I have even worn snow suits in July. Now I climb in to my bed when ever I’m cold. I’m truly grateful for this bedding. I’m so impressed with the team. Everyone has been so congenial. Always pleasant when I call with a question. Thank you.

United States United States


I love the bed jet, but add this sheet to it and it is the most comfortable nights sleep ever. I have 2 of these sheets. I can't say enough good things. I do wish that they made a fitted bottom sheet.

United States United States

Great product, Color has changed over time:(

See photo. Must be two different suppliers or something. One piece has oddly gotten darker. For $100+ should be better quality

BedJet  Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton Review


Hi Glen, Thank you for sharing your feedback! We are sorry to see your Cloud Sheet is experiencing this discoloration. Often when BedJet owners see this occur, the cause tends to be from some type of soot producing source in the home such as candles, scent diffusers, etc. If you are burning candles or similar item in the room/home this may be the case. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns! -Tim, Customer Care Manager