Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

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What is a Cloud Sheet?

The patented BedJet Cloud Sheet is a performance engineered, luxuriously soft, 100% cotton top sheet designed to work in tandem with your BedJet unit. It's sewn with a series of specially designed interior air flow chambers to help evenly diffuse the BedJet air down onto your body. The Cloud sheet has the quality of 5-star hotel linens and feels wonderful against your skin.

When your BedJet is on, the Cloud Sheet becomes wonderfully puffy and soft, just like your favorite down comforter—but instead of heavy feathers, the Cloud Sheet is filled only with conditioned BedJet air, making it one of the softest, lightest, and coziest temperature control layers ever made! When your BedJet is off, the Cloud Sheet deflates to look just like a regular high-quality top sheet.

How does it work?

The BedJet Air Nozzle plugs directly into the Cloud Sheet, enabling the most even air distribution in the bed and significantly improving the cooling performance of your BedJet. You can plug the Air Nozzle in at the foot of the bed, or at the sides of the bed. Use it just like a regular top sheet, laying it underneath your existing blankets, quilts, or comforters. It is machine washable and durable enough to be washed as frequently as your regular sheets.

Cloud Sheet Buyer's Guide:
Single Zone vs. Dual Zone

The Single Zone Cloud Sheet works with just one BedJet unit. The entire sheet is a single airflow chamber, so the entire bed will be cooled or heated to the same temperature. Buy this if you sleep alone, or if you and your partner have the same sleep temperature needs.

The Dual Zone Cloud Sheet works with either one or two BedJets, as two separate airflow chambers allow each half of the sheet to perform independently:

1 BedJet unit + a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet means air will only flow through one half the bed. The other half will remain unaffected and act as a regular top sheet.

2 BedJet Units + a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet means independent temperature control for each half of the bed. Want one side cooled and the other warmed? You got it!
(Psst... This setup is known as our Dual Zone Bundle. Buy as a bundle and save!)

And don't worry, you can still snuggle with your partner! The only separation created by the Dual Zone Cloud Sheet is inside the sheet itself. There is no barrier between you and your partner!

Single Zone

Dual Zone

Cloud Sheet Dimensions

Our Cloud Sheets are meant to be layered into your bed just like a top sheet—they are sized to overhang the sides of your bed and tuck underneath the mattress just like regular bedding. Although it seems a little counter-intuitive, the Cloud Sheet works best when used underneath heavier bedding like a blanket, quilt, or comforter. This helps the air flow evenly to avoid pockets of cool or warm by your feet.

  • Twin XL: 67" x 96"
  • Full/Queen: 92" x 96"
  • King/California King: 108" x 96"
  • Split King/Adjustable: 2 Twin XLs, 67" x 96" each

BedJet 3 Buyer's Guide

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, we have a customized BedJet sleep solution that can be tailored just for you. We've distilled everything down to a simple buyer's guide to help you create the perfect BedJet setup for your sleep needs. Click the image to enlarge and find your best night's rest.

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United States United States
Cloud Sheet. The BedJet must have accessory.

The Cloud Sheet is a high quality, durable, soft cotton sheet. This sheet is like no other sheet on the market. It is heavy-duty, the proper size, and it works as described when used with the BedJet by distributing the air from the BedJet unit to your entire body and not too much at your feet. This Cloud Sheet is, in my opinion, a must-have when purchasing the BedJet. The Cloud Sheet should be included at a discounted price when bought as a set with the BedJet.

Michael B.
United States United States
Worth It

I feel like I’m sleeping in a warm puff pastry. Say so long to night sweats.

salvatore p.
United States United States

I couldn't ask for better.

Jennifer H.
United States United States
Rough Sheets

I like the concept but the sheet material is horrific. Very rough.


Hi Jennifer, Thank you for sharing your feedback! Sorry to hear the Cloud Sheet does not meet your needs. We know that sleep comfort is a very individualized thing and just like mattresses and pillows, there is no product that works for 100% of folks out there. That's why we have an easy return policy with free return shipping, 100% fast refunds and no restocking fees -- so people can find out for themselves risk free if the product is going to work for them. Please let us know should you have additional questions or concerns, we are here to help! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

Daniel V.
United States United States
Cool concept; flawed execution

Pros: - Sheet material feels nice. - The air channels do work to an extent (it's always hilarious to watch the sheet fill up at 100% fan speed). Cons: - The sheet came with several loose threads coming out of it, making me worry about its longevity. - Air still tends to pool at the bottom, both with heavy and light blankets. We sometimes end up putting a small throw blanket between our feet and the Cloud Sheet to keep them from getting frozen. My understanding is that the top side of the sheet has a lower airflow than the bottom; I think that they should have done the same for the bottom 2' or so of the bottom side as well because it feels like the BedJet nozzle blows a lot of air right through the sheet.

Lisa T.
United States United States
Love my sheets and bed jet

They are made of great quality and I sleep so much better with my Jet!!!

Carla K.
United States United States
Easy to set up and use with Bed Jet

I originally bought just the bed jet and sandwiched the output between the sheet and comforter. It worked okay but I move a lot in my sleep and it was not a great solution. I decided to get the maximum use of the bed jet I would need to buy the sheet. I am so glad I did. I have a king bed and the bed jet is just for my side of the bed. I got the split king sheet so I wouldn't freeze out my husband. It works great. It stays in place. I have found it worth the price. Sleeping much cooler.

United States United States

I spent an afternoon visiting my daughter who is 32 and bought your product after losing her ovaries and going into “surgical menopause”. After laying in her bed an watching a movie, I knew I had to have one. I have been suffering with sleepless nights for 10 years related to my menopause. My only regret is I didn’t find it sooner. I have slept every night since I got my BedJet. It’s truly like sleeping under a temperature controlled cloud. While I haven’t had any issues, customer service has contacted me several times to make sure all I well. Thank you so much for your life changing product!

BedJet  Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton Review
Douglas P.
United States United States
Game Changer!!

The BedJet3 has been amazing. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night because I’m so hot. It’s refreshing to get a full nights rest. I use the remote controller biorhythm settings to start the night off with a warm bed and 15 minutes later the controller switches to a cooling process to help me stay comfortable all night long. The remote controller lights up once its picked making it easy to adjust settings in the middle of the night. I love the BedJet3, it’s improved my sleep!

United States United States

It’s a life changer. How amazing. This is the best sleeping experience ever. Thank you for a great product.

James N.
United States United States
Game changer

I love the item. It has made a large difference in our sleep patterns. We are running our ac at 73 degrees we were running it at 68 The only downside is that the App doesn’t work with a 5ghz network Either way this is great.

Claire N.
United States United States
Amazing Sheets

I love the softness of this cotton sheet.

Rick P.
United States United States
Almost perfect

The only reason I even thought about searching for a blanket that blows air was because of a surgery that I had a few years ago after the anesthesia was wearing down you get very cold so they put this air forest heated blanket on top of me and I noticed all the millions a little holes in the blanket that caused the air to rush down on me and I thought it was genius so when I purchased the bed yet three I was excited my only issue is that I feel the holes are not big enough in the sheets to force the air down a little bit more efficiently the fabric is nice but I think it needs to be a perforated sheet as opposed to just a thinner woven fabric the fact that the blanket puffs up so much tells me that the air doesn’t move out of the blanket fast enough please consider adding strategically placed holes throughout the blanket to rush the air out a little bit quicker other than that I love it it’s quiet it works Perfectly and the remote is absolutely fantastic I’m actually more excited about the build quality of the remote than any other part LOL I think you guys need to update your app and make it a lot more high-end but at the same time I haven’t even used it yet because the remote is so much nicer

Justin M.
United States United States
Cloud Sheet

It is an excellent addition to the bed jet. Adds air to her side only and distributes it evenly! Love it!

A BedJet  Customer
Joanna F.
United States United States
Best ever! Can customize to your exact needs!

I love that I can customize the fan intensity, temperature and time! I feel like a Queen! I will never ever regret this purchase. Totally worth it!

United States United States
Can't imagine NOT have a BedJet!

We took a gamble and got 2 BedJet units and a Dual Zone Cloud sheet. Absolutely LOVE it. Obviously everyone's experience is different, but I've found the cool to actually get VERY cool, as well as the hot becoming very HOT, and I love the dry heat setting. We also run a window unit AC in our bedroom. Wouldn't trade the BedJet for anything. Thanks for making such a great product, as I was struggling at nighttime with having a comfortable sleep temperature.