BedJet on ABC hit series Shark Tank February 3rd at 8pm

Posted by Mark Aramli on

While the show aired in February, we actually filmed in September and had to remain absolutely silent about it until just a week before the airing date.   We are incredibly thankful for all the support the producers of Shark Tank gave us.  Both through the interviewing process and the hospitality we had in being flown out to Los Angeles for the filming, the entire staff of the show was super awesome to work with.  It was really cool hanging out on the campus of Sony Picture Studios. 

While we didn't score a deal with the Sharks, it was amazing experience to be on television.  The entire team here at the BedJet company was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to tell our story in front of seven million viewers.  As for the Sharks and our somewhat controversial moments with them, well, it was pretty good entertainment at least.  :-)

To the hundreds of folks who wrote us complementary emails of support and kindness after the segment aired, we just want to say THANK YOU.  We couldn't have gotten here without you! Lucky for us we had some amazing business deals cooking with the BedJet well before we arrived to pitch the Sharks, so stay tuned for more exciting information in our news blog on the commercialization journey of this exciting new product.   


- Mark Aramli

Chief BedJetter