Certified Refurbished BedJet 3 Special

Certified Refurbished BedJet 3 Special

248 reviews
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  • Same great cooling, warming and sweat drying performance as a new BedJet, at a great low price.
  • Comes with the same legendary 2-year comprehensive warranty to cover anything that goes wrong with your refurbished unit, whether it’s our fault or yours.
  • Guaranteed to function like new, and look new or nearly new (may have some very minor cosmetic wear).
  • Refurbished BedJet units are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • App Only units are controlled by the BedJet iOS/Android app and do not include the LCD remote control. LCD remote is available for purchase from Customer Care at any time.
Sleep better for less,
as low as $34 per month.
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Refurbished BedJets: A great buy at an even better price!

Our Refurbished BedJet 3 units are a great buy at a hugely discounted price. Refurbished units are guaranteed to only have a few hours on them and are typically marketing loaners, repaired new units, or returns.

Note: All sales are final on refurbished units.
Refurbished BedJet 3 units are non-returnable and non-refundable.
Promotional discounts and codes cannot be applied to refurbished units.

Note: Refurbished units are only available to customers in the US.

How do you know these refurbished units are just as good as new?

We run each refurb unit through a 22-point inspection, test, and refresh process so you know the internal workings will perform the same as a new unit. "Like New Refurbished BedJets" are guaranteed to look brand new or nearly new with little or zero cosmetic wear and tear. "Scratch & Dent Refurbished BedJets" offer the performance of a brand new unit in a housing that has some cosmetic damage.

Regardless of which type of refurbished BedJet you select, you get:

• the same legendary 2-Year BedJet bumper-to-bumper warranty
• the same great performance and durability
• the same free shipping (USA only) as full retail price BedJets!

Refurbished orders may take up to 8 business days to process after your order is placed. Free shipping time is typically 2–6 business days. As refurbished BedJets are only stocked at our Rhode Island, USA warehouse, these units are only for sale to customers in the United States.

BedJet just works – Over 175,000 units sold

Watch this video to see how BedJet works, and how one couple solved their too-hot-and-sweaty and too-cold sleep temperature issues with the BedJet sleep system.

Preview hint: Only watch if you want a good giggle!

Over 175,000 units sold – BedJet just works

Watch this video to see how BedJet works, and how lovebirds Laura and Carl solved their too-hot-and-sweaty and too-cold sleep temperature issues with the BedJet sleep system.

Preview hint: Only watch if you want a good giggle!

Better Sleep with BedJet = Better You

BedJet's unique air-based cooling and warming technology is the most powerful and rapid-acting in the industry. Only BedJet doesn't change the feel of your mattress, with no stiff mattress pads, no mattress toppers, no wires, no leaky tubes of water to sleep on, and no EMF in the bed.

The BedJet system works with your existing bedding, or add a Cloud Sheet (sold separately) for the very best cooling performance. The BedJet air nozzle connects directly to the Cloud Sheet, enabling the most even distribution of air in the bed.

Your mattress locks in heat and body moisture. BedJet gets rid of it, eliminating night sweats.

"Cooling technology" mattresses barely move the needle on comfort for hot sleepers. BedJet is the most powerful temperature regulating and sweat-drying system available anywhere for beds. BedJet provides instant relief from night sweats, hot flashes and stuffy memory foam mattresses.

It's not just the temperature, it's the humidity! Cooling mattresses and water-based hydronic systems can't pull sweat and heat out of the bed like BedJet's air technology. Just watch the video!

Stay asleep all night long with custom biorhythm sleep technology

BedJet was the first company to introduce biorhythm sleep technology, enabling you to pre-program personalized cooling and warming settings for every hour of the night.

If you toss and turn all night because you're sweating one hour and freezing the next, you'll sleep better with BedJet's biorhythm feature—no more waking up to adjust a thermostat. You can even obsolete your noisy alarm clock with a BedJet temperature wake-up trigger.

Save Money on Utilities: BedJet Pays for Itself!

Why cool or warm the whole house at night when all that matters is the temperature of your bed? BedJet's silky-quiet cooling and warming will keep you at just the right sleep temperature all night. Many BedJet owners find they can adjust their home thermostat by 2 to 4°F at night and sleep even better than before, saving them big bucks on utilities.

Check out the video to hear how Josh saved nearly $450 on annual electricity costs thanks to his BedJet, paying for itself in just one year!

BedJet 3 Remote Control

Smartphone apps are great but we know some prefer to turn their phones completely off at night. We engineered BedJet 3 with the world's most advanced remote control for a sleep product, so you can enjoy 100% of all its great features without a smartphone app.

Control your temperature by degree, adjust air flow settings, auto-shutoff times and program biorhythm sleep temperatures all with real time feedback from the color screen. For dual-zone systems, now both sides of the bed can be controlled from a single remote. Back lit keys mean no fumbling around in the dark for late night adjustments and updateable firmware means your BedJet 3 will never become obsolete.

Upgrade your sleep experience with BedJet Aromatherapy!

Entice all your senses in bed with the BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit. Imagine the luxurious and calming benefits of Lavender, Tea Tree or Chamomile (or any other essential oil of your choice) infusing into your bedsheets while drifting off to a blissful BedJet-induced sleep! The airflow through the aromatherapy nozzle will diffuse the oils throughout your bed, creating a cozy and wonderfully scented sleep environment!

The Aromatherapy Kit is an optional upgrade to your existing BedJet system, learn more at the link below.

Why NOT to get a BedJet

You read it right. The mattress industry has plenty of overpromising companies that under-deliver. That isn’t us.
Here’s why a BedJet WOULD NOT be the right choice for you:

BedJet is not a replacement for having zero air conditioning in extreme heat bedrooms over 79°F.
If your bedroom air temperature is regularly over 79°F, the extreme heat will overwhelm the convective cooling method of the BedJet. We’d recommend investing in some air conditioning first.

Don’t surprise your partner with it.
Bedroom decor and sleep comfort is unique to each person. Talk to your partner first and make sure they’re OK with introducing something new to your bedroom.

Also do not get one if you want to continue sleeping poorly, sweating in bed, and waking up feeling generally lousy.

Want the ultimate customized sleep oasis? Bundle BedJet with our new Adjustable Bed PowerLayer

The PowerLayer is the world's first ultra-thin adjustable bed technology that transforms any existing bed into an adjustable bed. Adjust your bed to a comfier, healthier lifestyle for watching TV, reading, working from bed, or just relaxing! Plus, get the proven health benefits of adjustable beds including better sleep and less snoring. Great for people with back pain or acid reflux, and for keeping the legs elevated to improve circulation.

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United States United States

Refurbished purchase w/cloud sheet

Easy to put together, instructions were easy to find and follow. I did not purchase with a remote so I'm using the app. I haven't had any issues there besides not being able to connect to the wifi, the instructions to connect are a bit confusing but I believe I'd only need to connect to it if there are firmware updates. The cloud sheet did not work as I was expecting but that was my own fault for misunderstanding it's construction. It actually does work well but if you're expecting to feel air through it as if you would a fan you're probably better off using your own sheet. Overall I do like this, I got it to help with symptoms of perimenopause such as night sweats and hot flashes. It's working very well for that.

United States United States

Love it

Even without the brand sheets it makes a difference!! Great for my night sweats �

ira s.
United States United States

Bedjet 3 is saving my life

I have had many sleepless nights due to the heat we are experiencing in Florida. The Bedjet 3 has allowed me to sleep thru the night unaffected by the heat I can't say enough about the customer service that Bedjet provides. If I have a question I get a response in a short time. I have recommended Bedjet to all my friends. Its a 5 star product and a 10 star customer service. Thank you for this product.

Clark C.
United States United States

Great sleep, every night!

The hardware: the boxy design is very practical. It can be positioned in different configurations. The fan is very quiet and it warms up quickly. The cloud sheet is made of good cotton. The whole setup actually is very well made and of high quality. The sheet stays on the nozzle during the night. The remote control is awesome. I prefer it over the iphone app as it’s faster to access the bedjet settings from it. The large, colored display is easy to see at night and, the shake to wake feature is very thoughtful. I have my tweaked programs saved to the quick access memory functions. When I go to bed, one push of a stored program and my biorhythm program takes me to dreamland. The remote control really makes using the bedjet effortless.   The software: The iphone app is well made with a good, practical design. But to me, the biorhythm function is what makes the bed jet a cut above the rest. I tweaked the recommended program to my liking. After a few nights, I got the temperature, times and fan speeds just right. Since then, I have had consistently great sleep night after night.   I never knew how good sleep could be until the bedjet came along. I wake up feeling my willpower, mental and emotional batteries fully charged. I never had that before. I just always thought it was because I was physically tired. I am more focused and productive during the day. I just feel healthier. Best of all, I look forward to sleep every night. This is a must have in any bedroom setup.

Julia J.
United States United States


I'm a 100% disabled vet & I've never made a whole lot of money, so I was glad to find this certified refurbished Bedjet 3 at a reduced price, but I did still find it on the expensive side for me personally. However, now that I've got it set up & I have used it, I'm in love with it, so glad I bought it! I'm about 96% bedridden, so it really is worth it for me because when you're stuck in bed all the time, there's an issue with your skin being healthy and the air flow helps with that so much in addition to keeping me at a very comfortable temperature all the time. I would actually recommend that this be used standard in hospitals for long-term care and in facilities & homes where there are long-term bedridden patients, because I think the health & comfort benefits are well worth it. I have only had this running for about 36 hours, but I love it! I've already been able to program my remote's programmable buttons too, it was easy - the remote tells you how when you press them! I've been so impressed with the remote that comes with this that I don't think I need to use the app, but I'll check it out eventually. The remote is so impressive. It's been so well designed & is very intuitive. It wakes up when you pick it up and it is fully illuminated, including a screen where it shows messages to guide you so you can see your Bedjet settings-temp & fan speed. It has 3 programmable buttons so you can preset your favorites. The only thing I found myself wanting on the remote is a 4th programmable button so I could have long mildly hot & cold settings for overnight & short hotter & colder settings for quick temp changes. I also bought the Cloudsheet that goes with this. I haven't tried it without the specialty sheet but I will give that a try when it comes time to wash. I am impressed with it, although I do think it's maybe a bit expensive, though I don't exactly know the internal construction that goes into it & I wasn't sure if this is organic/ fair trade/ OKEO-TEK "Green" cotton, I can't recall offhand. It would be great if the ad would show things like this in detail. It's basically 2 sheets sewn together, high quality, comfortable cotton. The sheet that faces you has little round hole openings for airflow. I suspect the sheet above has some type of internal coating to help keep the air from leaking out the other direction. At the end of the bed it has elastic snapped openings for the bedjet vent to connect and fill the sheet with the hot or cold air. I was expecting there to be one of these openings at the rear-facing corner of the bed, but my sheet only has 3 places possible to connect the bedjet- at the side-end right, & left, & rear-center of a Twin XL bed. So it was not possible to place the bedjet at the rear left or right of the bed & run the hose there, the hose had to be run to the side of the bed near the end in my case, because I had to rig a panel at the center end of my bed to hold in some foam baffles in order to keep my mattress in the right place for my height, because I have an adjustable bed base & when I sat up to watch TV my pillow kept falling off at the head of the mattress. Because I am stuck in bed all the time, I was already was using that area at the rear-side if the bed for a food/tea cart. Overall though, I am so pleased with this purchase and I'm not sure my particular problems would relate to most people. I would definitely recommend this to anyone because it is so physically comforting but especially if you're disabled and you spend more time than usually in bed, this is an investment you won't regret.

Nancy G.
United States United States

Love bedjet

We got the Bedjet on the recommendation of friends. They told us that it is definitely a luxury item but it is really cool. We have been "sleeping in the cloud" for a couple of weeks now. The first couple of days we truly enjoyed the luxury. Now we find it to be an essential part of our lives. We sleep better than we ever did before. We look forward to bedtime every day and wish we could sleep in longer every morning!

Sarah I.
United States United States


I love my BedJet and wish I had bought it sooner! For a while now, I’ve been waking up between 2-4A.M., hot. The BedJet has cut my wake-ups down about 75%. The setup was easy and I love the biofeedback feature. Now I can keep using my weighted blanket and still stay cool and comfortable.

United States United States

Night sweats be gone!!!

I've been suffering with night sweats for almost a year now. The "DRY" feature of my BedJet fixed that, and how!!!!

United States United States

BedJet and sheet combo

Luxurious comfort. Before: tossing covers off to cool down, then trying to grab back without waking fully. Now with BedJet: programmed biorhythm lets me sleep soundly. I’m very happy.

United States United States

Best decision of the year.

I love the BedJet. Being of a certain age, I’ve been sleeping sooooo hot of late. It’s miserable. The BedJet has been a dreamy addition to my sleep routine. Strangely, I like the heat option too because I love reading in a toasty bed before falling asleep. The cooling aspect saves me from going up in flames in the wee hours when I tend to get overheated. Overall, love it. Thank you!

James B.
United States United States

This is a game-changer

I can't fall asleep with cold feet. It's been a problem for years in the wintertime. This product solves that problem of getting into a cold bed at night and waiting for your body to warm up. I'm sleeping better and longer.

Annalesa T.
United States United States

Best purchase ever!

I don't generally submit reviews, but this product by far is the most phenomenal thing I've ever given myself I have warm feet at night when it's cold and on those hot summer nights, I can have a cool bed. The customer service is phenomenal whenever I have a question or want to order additional products, they stand behind their product with exceptional service and that is rare these days!

Chaz F.
United States United States

Great Sleep

I usually wake up at around 3am hot. I've been sleeping better w more REM sleep.

James W.
United States United States

Bed cloud or sheet

Is not great….. Wish you would make something that you could lay on instead of a sheet. Would work much better if it was a breathable cushion that was under your mattress sheet

Cyndi A.
United States United States


I love this thing! It is the best thing I’ve purchased in this decade at least. No more sweating nights. I don’t have to sleep with 2 box fans and a ceiling fan blowing on me. Just enough white noise but still able to hear the door now. Lol

Erin C.
United States United States

How did I live without this?

I love my bedjet! It really helps me fall asleep faster, and keeps me comfortable all night! Getting a great night’s sleep now!