AU Plug 220V-240V International BedJet 3

AU Plug 220V-240V International BedJet 3

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  • Sleep better with rapid air-based cooling, warming and sweat drying comfort right in your bed.
  • Perfect for sleepers who like the same sleep temperature throughout the bed, or combine with a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet for temperature control on just half the bed.
  • Works on any brand mattress and any type bed frame, including adjustable beds.
  • Powered air cooling rapidly wicks away body heat and moisture for fast cooling relief, great solution for hot sleepers, night sweats and hot flashes.
  • Heat mode gives bedding toasty "just out of the dryer" warmth in seconds, great therapy for cold feet and safer alternative to electric blankets while warming bed 15x faster.
  • Biorhythm sleep technology gets you deeper, more restorative sleep with personalized temperature schedules that automatically adjust throughout the night.
Upgrade to Dual Zone
  • Perfect for couples who like different sleep temperatures
  • Set each side of the bed to a different temperature
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as low as $34 per month.
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Introducing the International BedJet 3

The #1 best-selling Climate Comfort System for Beds has been re-engineered into a 220-240V model for international use! Now sleepers around the world can enjoy the powerful air-based cooling and warming of America's favorite sleep product.

The International BedJet 3 is available in European, United Kingdom, and Australian plug types. These units are fully certified to local country standards.

Note: The International BedJet 3 is designed for use in countries outside of the US and Canada. If you are a customer in the US or Canada, please shop here instead.

BedJet 3 Features

  • Same powerful performance as the V2
  • Same silky quiet air-based system
  • 30% smaller and sleeker design
  • Fits under beds with 16cm space
  • Regulated temperature between 19°C and 40°C*
  • Color screen remote control for all functions
  • Bluetooth app control available but not required
  • WiFi chip included

*Lowest regulated temperature is based on bedroom ambient temperature conditions.

Better Sleep with BedJet = Better You

BedJet's unique air-based cooling and warming technology is the most powerful and rapid-acting in the industry. Only BedJet doesn't change the feel of your mattress, with no stiff mattress pads, no mattress toppers, no wires, no leaky tubes of water to sleep on, and no EMF in the bed.

The Dual Zone BedJet bundle works with your existing bedding and includes a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet for the very best cooling performance. The two BedJet air nozzles connect directly into separate air distribution zones in the Cloud Sheet.

Your mattress locks in heat and body moisture. BedJet gets rid of it, eliminating night sweats.

"Cooling technology" mattresses barely move the needle on comfort for hot sleepers. BedJet is the most powerful temperature regulating and sweat-drying system available anywhere for beds. BedJet provides instant relief from night sweats, hot flashes and stuffy memory foam mattresses.

It's not just the temperature, it's the humidity! Cooling mattresses and water-based hydronic systems can't pull sweat and heat out of the bed like BedJet's air technology. Just watch the video!

Stay asleep all night long with custom biorhythm sleep technology

BedJet was the first company to introduce biorhythm sleep technology, enabling you to pre-program personalized cooling and warming settings for every hour of the night.

If you toss and turn all night because you're sweating one hour and freezing the next, you'll sleep better with BedJet's biorhythm feature—no more waking up to adjust a thermostat. You can even obsolete your noisy alarm clock with a BedJet temperature wake-up trigger.

Save Money on Utilities: BedJet Pays for Itself!

Why cool or warm the whole house at night when all that matters is the temperature of your bed? BedJet's silky-quiet cooling and warming will keep you at just the right sleep temperature all night. Many BedJet owners find they can adjust their home thermostat by up to four degrees at night and sleep even better than before, saving them big bucks on utilities.

Check out the video to hear how Josh saved nearly $450 USD on annual electricity costs thanks to his BedJet, paying for itself in just one year!

BedJet 3 Remote Control

Smartphone apps are great but we know some prefer to turn their phones completely off at night. We engineered BedJet 3 with the world's most advanced remote control for a sleep product, so you can enjoy 100% of all its great features without a smartphone app.

Control your temperature by degree, adjust air flow settings, auto-shutoff times and program biorhythm sleep temperatures all with real time feedback from the color screen. For dual-zone systems, now both sides of the bed can be controlled from a single remote. Back lit keys mean no fumbling around in the dark for late night adjustments and updateable firmware means your BedJet 3 will never become obsolete.

Why NOT to get a BedJet

You read it right. The mattress industry has plenty of overpromising companies that under-deliver. That isn’t us.
Here’s why a BedJet WOULD NOT be the right choice for you:

BedJet is not a replacement for having zero air conditioning in extreme heat bedrooms over 26°C.
If your bedroom air temperature is regularly over 26°C the extreme heat will overwhelm the convective cooling method of the BedJet. We’d recommend investing in some air conditioning first.

Don’t surprise your partner with it.
Bedroom decor and sleep comfort is unique to each person. Talk to your partner first and make sure they’re OK with introducing something new to your bedroom.

Also do not get one if you want to continue sleeping poorly, sweating in bed, and waking up feeling generally lousy.

Product Details

Some like it hot. Some need it cool. Some want to stop night sweats and others need different sleep temperatures than their partners. That's why everyone loves their BedJet! Using advanced technology the BedJet sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into your bed for powerful cooling and warming comfort.

BedJet 3 uses sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology to help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed. Program custom heating/cooling profiles for every hour of the night and obsolete your noisy alarm clock with a BedJet 3 temperature wake-up setting.

Find out why BedJet is the #1 customer recommended cooling and heating product for beds in America. Read the life changing customer reviews here. 

  • BedJet cooling is awesome relief for stuffy bedrooms, hot sleepers, night sweats and hot flashes. Cooling mode power ventilates your bed, using room temperature air to wick out body heat and body moisture nearly instantly, is felt within 10 seconds. NOTE: BedJet is not an air conditioner and not a substitute for zero air conditioning in extreme heat (+26°C) bedrooms. Room temp needs to be below 26°C for best cooling.
  • Night sweat management mode is proven to reduce body moisture to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Optional Cloud Sheet recommended for improved cooling air distribution.
  • Powerful warming makes cold feet a thing of the past. Forget bundling up with heavy pajamas for chilly winter beds and give your bedding that toasty hot sauna feeling in just seconds.
  • Program thermostat regulated bed temperature by degree, from 19°C to 40°C.
  • Save money on utilities—why heat/cool the whole house vs. just your bed?
  • No wires, no tubes, no electricity in the bed and no mattress pads to sleep on top of, no water to leak, lifetime washable air filter
  • Fits underneath any bed with 16cm space, side rail clearance only needs to be 9cm, adjustable bed approved
  • 60-day love it or return it guarantee, free return shipping (within the USA, Canada, EU, and UK), fast 100% refunds with no restocking fees

Buy now and find your own perfect sleep temperature. Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up more refreshed with BedJet temperature control.  

What's included:  1 BedJet 3 single zone unit (AU plug) with attachment assembly to bed, 1 color screen remote control. BedJet is ETL listed to FCC and UL Electric Appliance Safety Standards. Free Smartphone app on Google Play and iTunes App store.   

FREE SHIPPING for 220-240V BedJet 3 units within the EU and UK only.

Free shipping for 220-240V BedJet 3 units is not available to locations outside of the EU and UK. If you live outside of these areas, shipping charges will be added at checkout during final purchase. Shipping cost does not include import duties and customs fees specific to your country.

2 year limited warranty.

Watch the Installation Video HERE.

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The best of all

United States United States

Love You, Bedjet

I love it! It creates a tranquil and peaceful sleeping experience.

United States United States

Awesome product

Really easy and it works! Money well spent. Highly recommend

United States United States

First time buyer

I love this item! I live in AZ and have trouble sleeping at night due to being to warm. This has changed my life!! I stay cooler and sleep much better thanks to Bed Jet, if you don't have it...get it!

Glenn B.
United States United States

Life changer

After a few nights of finding that perfect temperature and fan setting…… My bed is now the prefect temperature for my body and I sleep like I’ve never slept before. I wish I had this sooner. I love it.

Brittany R.
United States United States


I bought this for my husband who sweats a lot at night and it worked perfectly. It kept him so cool that he didn’t sweat a drop and we’ve BOTH been sleeping better ever since. And the special sheet is worth the money too. He stays cool and I don’t get iced out of my own bed! 1000% would recommend. 11/10

Carolyn W.
United States United States

Haven’t even hooked it up yet

Haven’t hooked up yet

United States United States

BedJet 3

I have two great Danes that sleep in the bed with me. I would wake up every night hot and sweaty. With the BedJet 3, I was actually cold most nights until I adjusted the air temperature setting up. I thought I would need to have it set to the 60s and shockingly 76-77 is where I’m not cold! It’s an awesome product! I’m excited to see what it’s like this summer.

Krista V.
United States United States

Almost perfect!

I absolutely love my BedJet 3 and glad that I got the unit with dual temps (hot/cold). The only drawback is actually in the design of the cloud sheet. It’s made for standard sized humans, not little ones like me (5’). There are three location options to insert the nozzle. One on the side (near the bottom), and two at the bottom. The issue? I even the one on the side is sooooo far down on my king bed that I spend too much time adjusting it. Plus I discovered I don’t like the feeling of the cold air on my feet. The fix? Have a midway option to insert the nozzle so I can feel the air above my knees. I’m half tempted to cut an opening and add elastic and snaps like the others, but I can’t sew!!

Rebecca S.
United States United States

Still Reviewing

Overall I am enjoying not being hot at night, but the humidity will be increasing within the next few months. Im hoping that the bed jet still provides relief at night, I do wish that the nozzle that I can apply essential oils was offered when initially bought the BedJet

Lisa P.
United States United States

Changed my life!

This bedjet truly changed my life. I used to have to sleep on top of the covers I would get so hot. We now have two for our king sized bed and it's amazing how well we sleep!

Timothy J.
United States United States

Just not for me.

I have not really been impressed with the product. Instead of helping me sleep better it has been the opposite. I’ve tried a variety of settings over the last 3 weeks and just have not been able to find any that work any better than just a regular sheet. It wasn’t terrible, just not any better and a little worse than just my previous setup. I would like to return this unit.



Hi Timothy, Thank you for sharing your feedback! We are really sorry your purchase didn't work out for you. We know that sleep comfort is a very individualized thing and just like mattresses and pillows, there is no product that works for 100% of folks out there. That's why we have an easy return policy with free return shipping, 100% fast refunds and no restocking fees -- so people can find out for themselves risk free if the product is going to work for them. I’m very sorry your BedJet purchase didn’t work out for you, but we are sincerely grateful for giving us a try! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

A BedJet  Customer
David D.
United States United States

Solid Product

Does exactly as advertised. Keeps me cool all night long. With one unit, I do have some bleed onto partners side even with dual zone sheets, but she’s kind of a temperature baby anyway. Should come standard with the low profile hose. Otherwise, no complaints. Big ups on the phone controls for the system. Super convenient.

wendy w.
United States United States

Should have ordered months ago!

Finally not waking up at night from being hot. Husband finally so go ahead and get it what do we have to lose 60 return if we don't like it, well it took him 3 nights of having it on and he has now decided we need another one for our son's room! Our upstairs get warmer than the rest of the house and this has helped with the a/c too, don't have to turn it down as low as we used to. I"m actually waking up cold some nights. Still tweaking the fan speed and temp settings so I don't wake up too cold. Never imagined I"d be saying that. Only regret is I didn't order it sooner!

United States United States

Not Great

It's pretty noisy over 60-70% fan speed. It's never been able to get to it's minimum temperature. Too easy to pull a blanket off of it, and don't want to spend 100$ for "special" blanket for it. Air doesn't make it to the end of the bed, only cooling maybe half of my body on a king size bed.



Hi Timothy, Thank you for sharing your BedJet review! We are sorry to hear of your experience thus far. The BedJet is designed with patented acoustic damping technology and is one of the quietest sources of air delivered of any consumer appliance. We do understand some may be more sensitive to the sound the system will produce though please reach out if you are experiencing anything more than fan/air flow noise. The BedJet uses the convective method of cooling which is really effective for keeping you cool in bed if your bedroom temperature is 78 degrees and under. It is not a portable air conditioner and not a replacement for no air conditioning super-hot bedrooms (like a 90 degree Arizona summer bedroom with no AC). BedJet uses the cooler air from the floor of your room which is typically a few degrees cooler than your thermostat. The lowest temperature the BedJet will attain will be as low as the ambient air temperature of the bedroom with the cooling effect diminishing in excessively hot rooms. It would not be unusual to see a difference of 1-3° from the thermostat depending on where the BedJet is located in relation to the HVAC. Additionally, although you can select a lower temperature on the remote, the way the BedJet is designed does not allow a cooler temperature than the ambient reading of the room. Although the Cloud Sheet will be the best solution, we do find folding or bunching the edge of the sheet before securing in the clips does provide a much better hold. You may also have luck tucking your bedding in around the air hose if preferred. Please reach out with any additional questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to assist! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

United States United States

Great for night sweats!

Great for night sweats!