Dual Zone Temperature

Over 50% of couples have different sleep temperature preferences.  Don't let the battle over the thermostat ruin a good night's sleep.    

The BedJet Dual Zone setup enables each side of the bed to be independently warmed and cooled by its own BedJet via remote control. The BedJet Dual Zone system is a bundle that consists of two regular BedJet units and our super soft AirComforter sheet, shown right. 

What the heck is an AirComforter sheet?  

The patent pending BedJet AirComforter sheet is a specially designed luxuriously soft 100% cotton temperature layer with two separate hollow cavities in which BedJet Air Nozzles fill, gently distributing the warming or cooling air to a specific half of the bed. With a BedJet powered on, the AirComforter looks wonderfully puffy, soft and down filled.  But it’s actually only filled with the conditioned air from the BedJet, making it one of the softest and lightest comforters ever made!   

The AirComforter replaces your normal bedding top sheet and works underneath blankets, quilts, or regular comforters.  Unlike electric blankets, the AirComforter is just pure, soft cotton and like any top sheet, can be washed over and over again.  It is the worlds first warming AND cooling blanket for your bed at home.  

The AirComforter can also be used with just one BedJet Climate Control System for customers wishing to focus a single BedJet's warming and cooling power to one side of the bed.  The side without the BedJet installed will remain un-puffed and look just like a normal top sheet!