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How do I know if the BedJet will fit under my own bed?

The BedJet Climate Control System is 6.75 inches tall. This will fit under 95% of all standard bed frames that have a space beneath the bed. If you have lower hanging sideboards to your bedrame, you may still have the space you need under the bed to fit. Measure the distance from the highest point underneath the bed (once you are past the side rails) to the floor.  If you've got 7", you're good! You will just have to lift of the bed frame, place the BedJet underneath and then lower the bed frame over it.  Double check to make sure you aren't laying your bed on top of the BedJet. In these cases of low hanging side boards, you only need 3" clearance from the lowest sideboard of the bed to the floor to clear the hose. If you can't make this work, placing the unit at foot of the bed on the floor is another option. Remember our 40 day Happiness Guarantee -- if you can't make it fit on your bed, our vertical mount accessory is your very best option. It allows you to store the BedJet alongside your bed with a low profile.

Will it work with an adjustable bed?

It will work with most adjustable beds, however you may need to locate the BedJet base unit further away from the nozzle. Our air hose is expandable and compressible for this reason. The flexibility of the air hose enables it to move up and down with the foot of your mattress when articulating. Study the underbelly of your adjustable bed frame to find an area with the highest vertical clearance that is at least 7".  Make sure you test fit the BedJet with the full articulation range of the moving bed frame to make sure  the bed frame won't crush the BedJet in your proposed location. Keep a sharp eye under the bed when you do this!  Remember our 60 day guarantee -- if you can't make it work on your bed, we take it back with free return shipping!  Just please,  don't squash your BedJet!  

What is BedJet’s Return Policy?

We offer a 60-day Risk Free Return Guarantee for all orders placed directly through BedJet. We pay for the return shipping (US only), and we typically issue refunds within 3-5 business days of receiving the product back. We offer 100% refunds with absolutely zero restocking fees as long as everything comes back and nothing is missing or damaged.

Does BedJet come with a warranty?

Absolutely! All BedJet orders come with a Comprehensive Two Year BedJet Owners Warranty. We will replace any item that becomes damaged or defective at no cost including shipping (US only). You can contact us for troubleshooting by emailing or by calling 401-404-5250.

Does the BedJet have an air filter to avoid pulling in dust?

Yes!  The BedJet has a lifetime washable air filter located in the air intake grill.  Just press the BedJet logo button on top of the BedJet to release the grill, remove the filter, wash under the sink and replace! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

How much noise does it make?

The BedJet Climate Control System has patented acoustic damping technology built into the base unit and is one of the quietest sources of air delivered of any consumer appliance. The BedJet is far quieter than any bedroom window fan or air conditioner when used on typical settings of low and medium (measured at 38dB to 39dB). The noise is a very soothing background white noise and similar to your household HVAC register. Our high and Turbo bed warming settings are extremely powerful and do generate more noticeable noise than this, but Turbo-heat mode is limited to running for maximum of 10 minutes. Turbo-heat is just too powerful for all night sleeping but it feels great when you get in - no other product can warm the bed by 30 degrees in five minutes like the BedJet! When installed in its natural home under the bed, the following are dB sound measurements take from the pillow:

• Measured Ambient Room Noise (BedJet off): 37dB
• BedJet Cool, 50% (most typical highest setting for all night cooling): 38dB
• BedJet Cool, 100% (unlikely to be used other than short bursts): 42dB
• BedJet Heat, 50%: (most typical highest setting for all night heating): 39dB
• BedJet Heat, 100%: (unlikely to be used other than short bursts): 43dB BedJet Burst Heat 100% (can only be used for 10 minutes before auto-shuttoff): 47dB


What's the difference between a single zone and dual zone system?  

The single zone system will heat or cool any size bed and consists of a single BedJet base unit.  With single zone units you generally are heating or cooling the whole bed.   The dual zone system is a bundle that consists of two BedJet units and our dual zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet.  In this setup, you can have each side of the bed independently heated and cooled by their own BedJet and remote control.  

What’s the difference between the king and split king dual zone systems?

The BedJet Dual Zone system is available for king size beds and split king beds. To accommodate a regular King Size bed, the BedJet King Size Dual Zone system is comprised of one King Size Dual Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet and two BedJet units for each side. The King Size Dual Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet is one sheet that covers the entire bed with the two zones stitched into it. Split King beds are typically adjustable beds comprised of two Twin XL mattresses side by side. Since Split King beds often have their own independent bedding on each side, the BedJet Dual Zone Split King system provides two Twin XL sheets and two BedJet units. If you have a Split King bed that you make with shared bedding, than you can go with the BedJet King Size Dual Zone system rather than the Split King. 

Can I upgrade a single zone unit to a dual zone later?

Yes of course!  Just buy another BedJet unit with the AirComfort Cloud Sheet and you and your partner will be on your way to enjoying your own perfect sleep temperature on each side of the bed. 

Can I get a single zone unit to cool and heat just half of the bed instead of the whole thing?

Yes!  Just buy yourself a soft cozy 100% cotton dual zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet and hook it up to your BedJet.  The Cloud Sheet will help keep most of the cooling/heating from a single BedJet to one side of the bed.    

Is it durable, how long will it last?

We at the BedJet company are gadget nerds, independent engineers and inventors who created this product because we loved the idea of it. We are not a big corporate appliance company bent on squeezing the last dollar of cost out of what we make. We tell you this because we are very personally tired of the cheap, flimsy plastic products that are laid onto us by the big appliance companies with no durability and which break in less than a few years or months. Or the electric blankets that only last two years before you throw them away. We refuse to be that kind of company.

The BedJet is a a highly engineered durable machine using a 20,000 hour direct drive DC Motor, designed to give you many years of worry free operations.  Think about that 1960's vacuum cleaner your grandmother used that just kept going and going and going..... it's kind of like that.  

What kind of EMF emissions does the BedJet produce?

The BedJet unit has been cleared for EMF emissions per requirements of UL/CE by ETL testing laboratories. The remote control does not transmit unless a button is pressed. The base unit has no communication to the remote control, it is only a receiver. The phone App has regular Bluetooth communication with the unit when the App is awake/running. There is no active Bluetooth connection when your phone is not paired to the BedJet unit.

Can my pet(s) still sleep on the bed while I’m using the BedJet?

Sure – it’s perfectly safe for your furry friends to enjoy BedJet cooling/warming with you. Just make sure they’re not sleeping near the air delivery nozzle – blocking this area can affect the flow of air from the BedJet.

Is there any maintenance required?

None whatsoever other than cleaning the lifetime washable air filter now and then under the sink.  Check on it every three months, more often if you have pets sleeping next to the BedJet.  

What happens if the air intake or exhaust gets blocked by sheets?

We designed the product anticipating all sorts of crazy unexpected stuff to happen to it.  The BedJet contains a sophisticated microprocessor that is watching out for events like this.   Under normal use the unit shouldn't see blockages to the air, but if it does the microprocessor automatically adjusts to keep the output temperatures stable and consistent.  The unit will automatically shut down if there is a problem to protect itself.     

Is it safe to be under the bed?

Yes!  Unlike electric blankets, the BedJet keeps all the electricity OUT of the bed where it belongs.  The BedJet was designed to be an extension of your bed and has been third party tested  to rigid Underwriters Laboratories (UL) electric appliance safety standards.  The unit has been designed and tested to the same UL standards that electrified hospital beds are held accountable to!  The entire outside housing of the BedJet is made of UL-listed flame proof plastic.  We take safety very seriously -- the Chief Engineer of the product was a former Aerospace Engineer who once had responsibility for critical flight safety parts on airplanes!       

Where does the air delivery nozzle go?

It lays on a tiny part of your mattress in the bottom corner of the bed.  We think the best installation is coming in from the side of the bed near the foot board, but experiment with other locations at the foot of the bed and see what feels best for you.    

Will I feel air blowing on me in the bed?

Yes and no, it depends on what you like.  Some people love the feeling of light air movement under the sheets and some don't.  If you like it, simply install the air delivery into your sleeping layer and you will feel a delightful air current tickling your body.  If you don't like it, run the air above your top sheet with another tightly knitted sheet or comforter over it the air nozzle.  Use of the AirComfort Cloud Sheet dramatically reduces the feeling of any air movement in the bed on both single and dual zone setups.   Experiment to find what works best for you.  Remember your 60-Day Happiness Guarantee?  If this product isn't for you, we will gladly take it back with free shipping on the return.     

What kind of power requirement does it have?

In cooling mode each unit draws up to 40 watts.  In ordinary heat modes the unit can range from 150 watts to 1500 watts depending on the setting!  The 1500 watt Turbo-heat setting can only run for a maximum of ten minutes, and in just five minutes it will have raised the temperature of your bedding to that toasty warm just out of the dryer feeling.  No other product in the world can. If you are concerned about total power on heating, you can use the Dual Zone power limiter switch on the back of the machine to limit Heat and Turbo modes to maximum 800 watts. This power can be handled on a typical 15A bedroom AC circuit.  If you are using a dual zone system with two BedJets, make sure the dual zone switch is set to ON on the back of the unit.  It will power limit them so that the two units combined don't exceed the 1500 watt max power.  Generally you can operate the unit every night in cooling mode for less than one dollar a month and in heating mode for a few dollars a month.     

Will the BedJet save me money on my utility bills?

Yes!  Why heat or cool the whole house at night when all you care about for those 8 hours are the temperature between the sheets?  Using the BedJet lets you reduce your whole home heating and cooling thermostat settings at night and still be happy and comfortable in your climate controlled bed.  According to the Department of Energy, for every degree you lower the thermostat, you save 4% on your utility bills! 

Is there a 220V international model available?

BedJet V2 220V units are currently unavailable. Send us an email at for more information.

What about the infamous “Dutch Oven” – is the BedJet going to make it worse?

We get asked this question all the time, so we just had to include it in our FAQs! Actually – it’s the opposite. Just lift your bedding and the BedJet will circulate out that “situation” very quickly. Plus, the aromatherapy diffuser kit helps too. Add your favorite essential oil scents and freshen your sheets when running the BedJet.