Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton
  • Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton

900 reviews
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What is a Cloud Sheet?

The patented BedJet Cloud Sheet is a performance engineered, luxuriously soft, 100% cotton top sheet designed to work in tandem with your BedJet unit. It's sewn with a series of specially designed interior air flow chambers to help evenly diffuse the BedJet air down onto your body. The Cloud Sheet has the quality of 5-star hotel linens and feels wonderful against your skin.

When your BedJet is on, the Cloud Sheet becomes wonderfully puffy and soft, just like your favorite down comforter—but instead of heavy feathers, the Cloud Sheet is filled only with conditioned BedJet air, making it one of the softest, lightest, and coziest temperature control layers ever made! When your BedJet is off, the Cloud Sheet deflates to look just like a regular high-quality top sheet.

How does it work?

The BedJet Air Nozzle plugs directly into the Cloud Sheet, enabling the most even air distribution in the bed and significantly improving the cooling performance of your BedJet. You can plug the Air Nozzle in at the foot of the bed, or at the sides of the bed. Use it just like a regular top sheet, laying it underneath your existing blankets, quilts, or comforters. It is machine washable and durable enough to be washed as frequently as your regular sheets.

Cloud Sheet Buyer's Guide:
Single Zone vs. Dual Zone

The Single Zone Cloud Sheet works with just one BedJet unit. The entire sheet is a single airflow chamber, so the entire bed will be cooled or heated to the same temperature. Buy this if you sleep alone, or if you and your partner have the same sleep temperature needs.

The Dual Zone Cloud Sheet works with either one or two BedJets, as two separate airflow chambers allow each half of the sheet to perform independently:

1 BedJet unit + a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet means air will only flow through one half the bed. The other half will remain unaffected and act as a regular top sheet.

2 BedJet Units + a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet means independent temperature control for each half of the bed. Want one side cooled and the other warmed? You got it!
(Psst... This setup is known as our Dual Zone Bundle. Buy as a bundle and save!)

And don't worry, you can still snuggle with your partner! The only separation created by the Dual Zone Cloud Sheet is inside the sheet itself. There is no barrier between you and your partner!

Single Zone

Dual Zone

Cloud Sheet Dimensions

Our Cloud Sheets are meant to be layered into your bed just like a top sheet—they are sized to overhang the sides of your bed and tuck underneath the mattress just like regular bedding. Although it seems a little counter-intuitive, the Cloud Sheet works best when used underneath heavier bedding like a blanket, quilt, or comforter. This helps the air flow evenly to avoid pockets of cool or warm by your feet.

  • Twin XL: 67" x 96"
  • Full/Queen: 92" x 96"
  • King/California King: 108" x 96"
  • Split King/Adjustable: 2 Twin XLs, 67" x 96" each

BedJet 3 Buyer's Guide

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, we have a customized BedJet sleep solution that can be tailored just for you. We've distilled everything down to a simple buyer's guide to help you create the perfect BedJet setup for your sleep needs. Click the image to enlarge and find your best night's rest.

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Michele B.
United States

The best investment ever!

I am so thrilled with the Bedjet as is my partner. We have a king size bed and appreciate different temperatures. I'm apt to prefer a cooler setting and he loves it warm sometimes hot...the Bedjet does a perfect job keeping us both happy. I love that I'm able to adjust the settings and within moments, the desired temperature brings me to a comfortable state. I highly recommend the Bedjet! I love the quality of the cotton sheet. My only recommendation would be to have the option to purchase a fitted bottom sheet that matches the quality of the top sheet. I can't say enough good things about it. It's made such a difference in the quality of my sleep. Thank you!

United States United States

Love it!!

The cloud sheet is so much more efficient than just using a regular top sheet!! So instead of the cool or warm air just blowing on you, it covers you more completely! I used a regular sheet for about 5 months or so and after buying the cloud sheet I can’t believe the difference it has made! My BedJet system is the best, and I mean best, purchase that I have ever made!! I love it so much!❤️

Joshua W.
United States United States

5 star

5 out of the possibility of 5 stars...

United States United States

Finally - best sheets ever!

Worried wouldn’t live up to cost but the workmanship and more importantly the material quality is the best.

BedJet  Cloud Sheet Accessory, 100% Pure and Soft Cotton Review
United States United States

Cloud sheet

I had to order another one because the fabric is so much silkier feeling than the originals we purchased 7 years ago! I love my bed jet!!

Randolph Z.
United States United States

Love my BedJet

This was a second sheet to use with the two BedJet version 2 that we have. Unfortunately, one of the cats ripped the original sheet so a second made sense.

United States United States

Twin XL sheets

My husband and I love these on our split king adjustable bed. It gives us both more coverage, no more fighting over the covers!

Marlene G.
United States United States

I have 3 Bedjets

I do love the Bedjets I have. I just bought a set for my guess room, since my sister was visiting with a friend. I wish they had an option of getting the 4" or 6" hose. Not having to pay extra for the 4". Even at the time I purchased them, they did not have any 4" in stock. There really wasn't enough room to use the 6" but we managed. I couldn't wait to hear what they thought about the Bedjets, and they told me that the sheets kept coming off the hose..... Not sure why....but I know how super tight that hose is fixed in the end of the bed, I can't even change the sheets without pulling out the mattress now. Otherwise I would recommend this to everyone. I wanted to order one for my Real Estate Agent, but can't confirm if she bought one yet.


Great addition to the Bed Jet

I have a husband that sleeps cold and I sleep hot so this worked out great. Using the split sheet works out great, this way he does is not freezing when I crank it up during a hot flash.

United States United States

Warm feet in the winter

What a great product! Absolutely love this system and setup.


Seams torn after less than a month

The seams on this sheet have come apart after less than a month of owning it. For $150 you’d think they could reinforce the areas where it attaches.



Hi Nicole, Thank you for sharing your feedback! Sorry to hear of your experience with the Cloud Sheet. We can confirm this is absolutely not a common experience and may indicate a defect in this particular sheet. That's why we cover our BedJet owners with a world class 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. We take care of anything that may go wrong at absolutely no cost to you. Please reach out to our team to for assistance in replacing your Cloud Sheet right away under warranty! -Tim, Customer Care Manager

Ashkan Y.
Canada Canada

Absolutey a Must Have!

I'm not an easy sleeper and this device has helped me tremednously. I havnt tried it for winter but summer has been great. I was skeptical as to how this can cool my bed without an active cooling but the air it draws from the floor level of my room really makes a huge difference. I use it every single nigh now and i bought one for my brother on his birthday as well! MOST IMPORTANTLY the customer service is world class! Seriously i have had to contact them twice and they have made life so easy for me! They truly deserve the best customer service badge and im not exaggerating! I would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone for a better sleep and the customer service gives you all the peace of mind you need!

Misty J.
United States United States

Really great addition

The first 5 days I didn't use the cloud sheet I had also bought because I wanted to compare with and without. Without the sheet the air blows on your legs directly, there were times I'd wake up with my feet being cold and would turn it off or just stick my feet somewhere else. With the cloud sheet the sheet fills with air and puffs up. You instead get air evenly distributed that envelopes you, like standing in fog (aka a cloud) and I stay more comfortable all night. I'm sleeping so much better now. The sheet is quite heavy and I like using it without a blanket on top. I was on the fence about ordering the BedJet and sheet for 6 months and I wish I had ordered it sooner.

United States United States

Comfy sheet

Beautifully made double top sheet that blows up like a fluffy comforter if no other bedding (or pets) are on top of it. I would’ve given 5 stars if it sent that air to us instead of blowing up the sheet. I think using a regular top sheet is better for cooling and the cloud sheet is better for even distribution, but it’s certainly not cooler. Maybe a lower thread count (or holes) on the bottom layer of the cloud sheet would help it force the air out of the “cloud” on to the person sleeping under it. For the price point, I probably would’ve returned the sheet, but of course you have to wash and use it before you know how it’s going to feel. Now just waiting for winter… the heating feature!

Donna C.
United States United States

Feels great

Quality soft sheet. Only complaint is that you don’t make and sell a matching fitted one.

United States United States

Cloud sheets

I love the cloud sheets it make all the difference in the world….. I gave in to buying it because with my sheets I kept trying to clamp down the ends to make the air stay in….. The fabric is very smooth and keeps me cool….. Thank you for such a wonderful experience I love my bedjet….