How BedJet is Superior to Your Bedroom Air Conditioner

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Why cool the entire house at night with air conditioning when all you care about is the temperature between your sheets? Although BedJet is not a bed A/C, you can still directly cool yourself while in bed instead of cooling the whole house or even just your bedroom. The BedJet uses room temperature air from the floor of the bedroom and pushes it through your bedding while you sleep. This constant airflow assists in pushing out your trapped body heat and the extra humidity in the bed.

Our engineers have measured up to a 20% humidity rise trapped under the sheets. The humidity rise under the sheets is actually half the reason why people feel hot and stuffy in bed. The BedJet convective air circulation gets your body heat out of the bed but also gets rid of the body moisture. This method has turned out to be the most effective way of staying cool in bed with bedrooms less than 78°F. An air conditioner will do nothing to solve the issue of rising humidity levels trapped under your sheets in bed. Typical BedJet owners find they can raise their A/C thermostat by anywhere from 2-4 degrees and still stay just as comfortable, saving you money.

How It Works

The BedJet will help to wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry throughout the night. It allows for 20 different fan speed settings for you to choose from, varying from 5% all the way to 100% airflow. It is completely customizable to how much air you want to feel blowing into the bedding. You can also set a schedule to run throughout the night in the form of the Biorhythm feature of the BedJet. Gone are the days of needing a traditional alarm clock. Set the BedJet to cool you throughout the night and then a second step to begin gently warming you up to wake you in the morning.

The BedJet 3’s features are all completely accessible with a color screen backlit remote that allows for easy adjustments throughout the night. With typical air conditioners you may need to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature. With the BedJet, you set a temperature and it will use constant airflow at that temperature throughout the night. If you do wake up and need to make a change, the remote can alter the temperature, mode or fan speed at any time with the press of a button.

Will BedJet save money on electricity bills?

The average cost of electricity is 10.48 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The average window air conditioner uses anywhere between 500 and 1440 watts. The average central A/C unit uses roughly 3500 watts. Running these air conditioning units for 8 hours while you sleep will cost between $12.75 and $89.26 on average per month. States with higher kWh figures can run even higher. The BedJet uses 40 watts while in cooling mode. Using a BedJet instead of cranking the A/C for 8 hours per night can lower that average cooling cost to $1.02. If you find your bedroom is typically below 78°F, you may be able to substitute air conditioning completely and save yourself $11.73–$88.24 a month. If you live in a warmer climate you can lower the use of your air conditioner to temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s and feel just as comfortable as you would have with lower A/C temperatures.

Check out this video from BedJet owner Josh Yelen, whose BedJet 3 unit paid for itself in energy savings within one year from purchase!

Operating an air conditioner throughout the night can also be fairly noisy. The BedJet is designed with patented acoustic damping technology and is one of the quietest sources of air delivered of any consumer appliance. The BedJet is far quieter than any bedroom window fan or air conditioner when used on typical settings of low and medium (measured at 38dB to 39dB). This allows for even fewer interruptions while sleeping.

What if I sleep with a partner?

The BedJet Dual Zone Climate Comfort System for Couples allows for different temperature zones in the same bed. Typically couples like different temperatures for optimal sleep. The BedJet allows you to sleep under the same blankets and bedding by using the cloud sheet to keep temperature regulation separate on both sides of the bedding. You can lower the use of the air conditioner to allow one partner to stay warm while using the cooling of the BedJet to keep the partner on the other half of the bed cool.

In summary...

The BedJet has a more direct impact on the quality of your sleep than standard air conditioning. Allowing the airflow into your bedding lends for a more consistent temperature setting without fluctuation throughout the night. Your A/C may do a great job with cooling down your room but why cool the room when you really want the relief where it matters most: in your bedding. You will lower your monthly electric cost while simultaneously getting the temperature relief you deserve while you sleep!

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No more night sweats!

I have been suffering with menopausal hot flashes for 7 years, unable to take hormones for relief. I've tried OTC meds, chill pad on bed, nothing's worked long term. I decided to purchase the BedJet because of their 60 day 100% money back guarantee. The first night using BedJet, I OVERSLEPT TWO HOURS! And when I woke up, I was dry, my sheets were dry, I felt so refreshed. I've used BedJet now for two weeks and I'm getting the best night's sleep in years.
Sabrina | 6.18.2021
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