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V2 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology - Any Size Bed, Single Zone

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Some like it hot. Some need it cool. Some want to stop night sweats and others need different sleep temperatures than their partners. That's why everyone loves their BedJet! Using advanced technology the BedJet sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into your bed for powerful cooling and warming comfort.

BedJet V2 uses sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology to help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed. Program custom heating/cooling profiles for every hour of the night and obsolete your noisy alarm clock with a BedJet V2 temperature wake-up setting.

Find out why BedJet is the #1 customer recommended cooling and heating product for a bed in a America.  Read the life changing customer reviews at our Amazon page then buy manufacturer direct here to get BedJet's superior 60 day return guarantee with fast free shipping and free returns: READ REVIEWS HERE.    

  • BedJet cooling is awesome relief for stuffy bedrooms, hot sleepers, night sweats and hot flashes. Cooling mode power ventilates your bed, using room temperature air to wick out body heat and body moisture nearly instantly, is felt within 10 seconds. NOTE: BedJet is not an air conditioner and not a substitute for zero air conditioning in extreme heat (80 degree+) bedrooms. Room temp needs to be below 79 degrees for best cooling.
  • Night sweat management mode is proven to reduce body moisture to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Optional AirComfort Cloud Sheet recommended for improved cooling air distribution. 
  • Powerful warming makes cold feet a thing of the past. Forget bundling up with heavy pajamas for chilly winter beds and give your bedding that toasty hot sauna feeling in just seconds.  Program thermostat regulated bed temperature by degree, from 72 to 104 degrees.   
  • New BedJet V2 model includes essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. Enjoy the therapeutic soothing effects of scented aromatherapy and freshen your sheets when running the BedJet.
  • Dual zone temperature upgrade available for independent cooling/warming of each half of the bed (See Dual Zone) 
  • Save money on utilities -- why heat/cool the whole house vs. just your bed? 
  • No wires, no tubes, no electricity in the bed and no mattress pads to sleep on top of, no water to leak, lifetime washable air filter 
  • Fits underneath any bed with 7" space, side rail clearance only needs to be 3.5", adjustable bed approved 
  • 60-day love it or return it guarantee, free return shipping (USA), fast 100% refunds with no restocking fees

Buy now and find your own perfect sleep temperature.  Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed with BedJet temperature control.  

What's included:  1 BedJet single zone unit with attachment assembly to bed, 1 wireless remote control, FREE Bluetooth App from App store. BedJet is ETL listed to UL Electric Appliance Safety Standards.   **Vertical mount bracket from photos sold separately, shown for display purposes only.  Free Android app fully published on Google Play, Free iOS App published  on iTunes store.    

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2 year limited warranty

Watch the Installation Video HERE 

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Truls Vian

A lovely machine on a hot summer night!

So far i been loving the BedJet V2, since i got it i been utilizing it way more than i expected to. Even using the heat function to preheat bed on hot summer nights, so warm, dry and cozy, for then to gradually lower temperature until its just right. Being a buyer from Europe i had to invest in a step down transformer(power converter) and it makes a humming sound when i use the heat function, but as i understand it the BedJet V3 that's coming wil not need a power converter, I wil invest in a V3 so i can get rid of the noisy power converter. I would like a function that tethers/links two or more BedJet units together on a single remote or app, so i can use two on a single bed, I'm on love with the idea of delivering air from two of the openings of the comforter. I often end up with a foot just in-front of the nozzle, or my dog finds hes perfect spot and blocks it. Just a Y-adapter for the airhose with a extra nozzle would be a good solution, make this happen BedJet engineers! I would not mind if the unit was bigger in size, heavier or more expensive, I would easily fork out for a "deluxe" version if one where to be made. The smaller something that displaces air is the more noise it wil be likely to generate, more size for less noise is something I'm totally willing to trade of.

Dianne E.
United States

Why did I wait so long?

The BedJet is a lifesaver for me, at least so far. I was setting my AC at 68, and running the overhead fan in my bedroom, and was still tossing and turning and throwing the bed covers off and back on throughout the night. Now I’m able to achieve a cool, comfortable sleep by setting the AC at 73 or 74 degrees and running the BedJet at 35% or 40% power. This device is definitely a supplement to, not a substitute for, air-conditioning; but if it continues to work this well when we hit the really hot and humid Southern summer weather, it will have been well worth the price.


Loving it.

My husband and I have been using the bedjet for a little over a week now and it has been wonderful. We originally got it to battle my nighttime heatstrokes but I have been surprised by how much I enjoy the heating settings as well. Plus customer service has been amazing- we needed to lengthen the part that holds the hose for our stupidly thick mattress and they were helpful and prompt. Additional parts in the mail same day. Got to love that! Thanks Tim!!!

Diane B.
United States


I bought this for my son who is a policeman. It gets really hot and muggy in North Texas and he struggles to stay cool in those hot uniforms. After his shift he told me he can’t wait to put the Bed Jet on and have the sheets cold when he’s ready to sleep. On a scale of 1-10 he gives it a 15

Renee K.
United States

Great product!

So nice for keeping cool or warm. I live in Alaska, with no air conditioning in our home, and man can the temperatures be temperamental. Last night it was 75 degrees in the house. So I flipped that unit onto “cool” and immediately felt relief. Around 3:00am, it had gotten down to 60 degrees in the house, so I flipped on the “heat”. Instant relief! Love love love this. And the remote control and the iPhone ap make operating it a breeze!

Dave S

Absolutely love bedjet!!

I couldn't be happier with bedjet. Have owned for 2 months now and is night and day difference with the restfulness of my sleep. For over a decade since switching to memory foam, I have always been hot in bed and often wake up sweaty- even in winter. No longer an issue!!! Was first wondering if I would be better suited to getting a chilled water circulating tube system for the mattress since my primary heat source was foam topper. I read reviews that such a system does cool, but does not dehumidify air between sheets. However, bed jet DOES dehumidify and is therefore a better solution if you wake up sweaty. I can attest this to be true and couldn't be happier. No more waking up hot. No more failing to fall back asleep because the sheets are soaked in sweat. I am more alert during the day now than in past decade. If you're on the fence like I was, do yourself a favor and order bedjet now. Also, very nice to program the sleep algorithm to warm your body up when it's time to wake up so you wake up naturally via your circadian rhythm versus an alarm clock. I've woken up in a great mood during the week ever since setting it up!

Karla M.
United States

Not cool, man

I am in the midst of menopause, while my husband is a marathon runner. I'm always hot; he's always cold. He also hates to "waste money" running the AC, and likes to keep it at 82! (We live in South Texas!) So I got the BedJet in an attempt to keep cool at night. However, the Bedjet recirculates the air in the room, whatever that temp happens to be. It never got lower than 78. (Optimal sleeping temp is between 60-67, but 72 would be OK for me.) So I sent the BedJet back for a refund and will continue to nag my poor skinny hubby to put some clothes on if he's cold! The sheet by the way is a cool idea. I kept that. Maybe I can kludge something together to blow the air from the AC vent directly to my sheet! ;-)

Ken B.
United States

Great Investment

It is so nice to turn that cool air on every night just as I get ready for bed. Can't wait to use it this winter with the heat.

Chad Bailey

A little piece of heaven between the sheets!

Wow! This thing is amazing! Air flow between the sheets is the best thing since sliced bread! So far, I only needed it set on low for the spring, but when it’s summer, I look forward to cranking it up! The only thing I don’t like, is when my foot hits the vent. But, it’s still worth it!

Laura M.
United States

Love IT!

I wasn't sure about it at first. I didn't buy the sheet AT FIRST. I don't know why they just don't sale the two together... I don't think you can have one without the other. Now that I have the sheet and set up the way it's supposed to be - I LOVE IT! I haven't used the app because I read that it runs down your battery, but I don't think you need it. I found the right temperature for me and that's where it stays. I definitely recommend using this product!